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Digital footprints: Discovering online traveler needs in Spain

Francesca Benati,

Senior Vice President, Online Travel, Western Europe, Middle East and Africa

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This research gives a deep dive into traveler behaviour and sentiment in Spain.

As the travel industry continues to progress, it’s important to understand what today’s travelers are searching for when it comes to what, where, when and how they want to interact with travel brands online.

To hold a prominent position in such a competitive market, digital travel providers should ask themselves questions such as:

  • How can OTAs collate all the fundamental elements of travel booking in one place that will compel consumers to trust and seek their services?
  • What routes should online travel retailers pursue to offer more personalized and contextual services that resonate?
  • How can OTAs ensure that consumers experience a frictionless and straightforward travel experience?

The message from the research findings is simple: ignore today’s empowered travelers at your own risk! Understanding their needs and adapting to them in a personalized way is critical. To be successful, online travel agencies need to imagine themselves as the traveler and pave a clear route through what is an ever-progressing online travel landscape.  

Francesca Benati
Senior Vice President,
Online Travel,
Western Europe,
Middle East and Africa

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