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Digital footprints: Discovering online traveler needs in Japan

Sebastien Gibergues

VP Online Travel Asia Pacific

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This research gives a fresh snapshot of traveler behavior and sentiment in Japan.

As the travel industry evolves, it’s important to know what today’s travelers - who are clearly in the driver’s seat - are looking for when it comes to what, where, when and how they want to interact with travel brands online.

To have an edge and ensure relevance in a crowded market, digital travel providers should ask themselves questions such as:

  • How can OTAs encourage traveler reviews through offering deals and in turn build further rapport with a wider audience?
  • What pathways can we put in place to offer personalized offers?
  • Do we have the tools or partnerships in place to offer more payment options for travelers?

The message that comes through from the research findings is loud and clear: you cannot ignore today’s empowered travelers! Understanding and adapting to the needs of today’s travel consumers is critical. To be successful, online travel agencies need to put themselves in their shoes and follow in the footsteps of digital travelers as they navigate the online travel landscape.

Sebastien Gibergues
VP Online Travel ,
Asia Pacific

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