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Digital footprints: Discovering online traveler needs in Argentina

Alexandre Jorre

Vice President, Commercial Latin America

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Travel is now booked easier and quicker than even before. This is thanks to the growth of online, which in 2020, will become the dominant channel for purchasing travel globally.

This research takes a snapshot of traveler behavior and sentiment in Argentina in 2019. We know that today’s travelers are in the driving seat when it comes to what, where, when and how they want to interact with travel brands online. It’s been a fascinating journey and it raises strategic questions for online travel companies that can have implications for competitiveness and relevance in a more crowded marketplace.

Questions such as: are you delivering enough screen real estate to provide inspiration that feeds the appetite for travel blogs and personal recommendations? What’s your strategy for helping travelers plan trips months in advance and ensure they return when it comes time to book? How can your website flow and design promote price transparency and reduce shopping cart abandonment rates?

There’s a lot to digest. But one message is loud and clear: ignore empowered travelers at your peril! That’s the motivation behind wanting to put ourselves in their shoes — so to speak — and follow in their footsteps as they navigate the online travel landscape.

Alexandre Jorre
Vice President, Commercial
Latin America

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