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Defining the future of travel through intelligence: Turning big data into meaningful insights

Foreword by Pascal Clement

Head of Travel Intelligence, Amadeus IT Group

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Amadeus Travel Intelligence focuses on the use of data and deep technical analysis to better understand and shape the future of travel. We offer next-generation business intelligence products, solutions and services, transforming raw travel data into meaningful insights for each customer, and facilitating strategic, tactical and operational decisions.

Turning big data into meaningful insights.

There is much talk of disruption in the travel sector. New entrants are disrupting all facets of the travel industry. New traveler expectations are challenging all of us to continually improve how we operate. New sources of data and information are challenging travel brands to innovate in terms of how travellers are serviced and how disruption is managed. 

The new Amadeus Travel Intelligence paper - Defining the future of travel through intelligence - explores how travel companies can harness big data and analytics to succeed in a rapidly changing industry. 

The travel companies that will be more likely to succeed will be the ones that embrace this new age, one that is marked by the exponential rise of data and information combined with the increasing scale of computing power.

This Amadeus Travel Intelligence paper explains that travel companies must be open to experimentation, new ideas and new approaches. It includes two case studies of how two major airlines, Avianca Brasil and Qantas, are using data analytics supported by Amadeus Travel Intelligence to optimize operations and become more customer centric.

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