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Cross-Sell Your Way to Profit

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Find out how travel suppliers are using third-party ancillary services to drive new revenues and enhance their travelers' experiences.

Ancillary services are the things that are making travel marketers excited with the prospect of increasing customer engagement while also anticipating higher revenues and margins. It is a way to both enrich data insights for the benefit of customer personalisation, with far reaching potential implications in the world of  travel technology - its infrastructures and systems.

While much has been written about ancillary services in the last two years, almost all of this content has been focused on airlines’ à la carte, or unbundled, ancillary services. These à la carte ancillary services are operated or delivered directly by the travel supplier. Examples of à la carte ancillary services include airline checked baggage fees and a hotelowned-and-operated restaurant. In this report, we focus on the untapped potential of third-party or commission-based ancillary services for all travel suppliers, such as airlines, hotels, cruise lines, car rental companies, and inter-city railroads and ferry operators.

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