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Cleared for take-off - Lean principles and strategy applied to the travel industry

James Woudhuysen

Formerly Professor of Forecasting and Innovation at De Montfort University, Leicester; journalist; occasional broadcaster for Radio 4. St Paul’s School scholar.

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Adopting Lean IT principles as a solution for your business can improve traveler experience, strengthen customer loyalty and increase the industry’s control over system complexity and costs.

In the ‘Cleared for take-off’ report commissioned by Amadeus, author and innovation forecaster James Woudhuysen, examines the various strategies in Lean IT and how they are relevant to the travel business.

With both the rapid evolution of technology and increasingly advanced customer demands, there is a need for low cost, fast and effective travel IT and operations systems.


In Woudhuysen’s opinion, one way to adapt to these rapid changes is to adopt and apply the principles of ‘lean’ thinking across IT and operations and simply remove those activities which do not create value to the customer, whether it’s the travel seller, travel provider or the traveler itself.

Overall, Woudhuysen highlights that by embracing Lean IT, travel companies will enjoy rapid rates of new service and app development, earn more revenues from market niches and better personalize their offers to the needs of customers.

Global Operations in Amadeus has already begun to adopt and implement these lean principles and believes that Lean IT could make a real difference across the travel industry in the years to come.

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