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Amadeus and ALTA present the Latin America Competitivity Index for the Airline Industry

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The index considers 8 countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Peru and analyzes six pillars: infrastructure, taxes and fees, technology and connectivity, passenger facilitation, market liberalization and propensity to travel, which have a significant impact on the competitivity of the airline industry.

Those factors are neither exhaustive nor conclusive, but they are those that we consider have an immediate weight and impact on the operation of the airlines and on the well-being of the industry in general, considering all the players. These are: infrastructure, taxes and fees, the facilitation of processes for passengers within airports, the release and opening of air transport, the willingness of citizens of a country to travel, and technology and digitization. Our goal is to continue performing this index every year and measure how different countries are improving in terms of competitive conditions for the aviation industry.

We invite you to delve into the factors we analyzed and the findings of this index, which seeks to be a thermometer of the countries of the region and a space to seek opportunities for improvement, so that aviation in Latin America and the Caribbean continues its path towards the forecasted growth, as we are convinced of the importance it has for the economic and social development of this region.

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