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Active Senior Traveler

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This type of traveler – the growing ‘Silver economy market’ – has caught the attention from many industries due to increasing life expectancy, quality of life and disposable income. It is no surprise that as a result of this their capacity to travel has also risen.

A large percentage of high-income earners are over 65. Therefore, in many developed countries they are the type of traveler who has the money and the time to travel. Active seniors consider traveling as a way to fulfil their life goals; they have finally time to explore. They are about living life to the full, with a desire to leave their loved ones with a legacy meaningful in experiences and values. These travelers want human interaction to play a key role in their travel planning and arrangements. The three themes associated with this group of travelers are: Self-Actualisation, Valuable Legacy and Trustworthy Relationships. 

Active seniors are a growing traveller segment, with more time and desire to travel, they are a traveller group to look out for. We look into how their needs have changed over time and how we must adapt to them.

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