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Why unlocking the power of data can help airlines uncover untapped revenue

Neil Rogan

Senior Manager, Corporate Marketing and Communications

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New Amadeus intelligence product suite helps airlines make informed decisions about their business to grow yield and expansion opportunities.

Amadeus Performance Insight is scalable and flexible to the needs of airlines of all sizes.

It is an undeniable fact that the airline industry produces, and continues to produce, huge volumes of data every single day. This in turn creates a ‘data rush’ – where airlines strive to acquire, store and analyse that data in order to differentiate themselves from the competition.
And whilst some have already begun extracting some value from the data at their fingertips, many are still unaware of what data they already have and most importantly, how it can be used.
But Amadeus Performance Insight, which launches today, can help airlines of all sizes better understand their performance, using data to help them make better business decisions as a result.
Surely all airlines want to be able to uncover untapped revenue? To achieve higher yields per passenger? To see a more accurate picture of traveller needs and trends?
All of this is possible with the new technology behind Amadeus Performance Insight. Its cloud-based open architecture means that it can integrate multiple data feeds, it is scalable and flexible to the needs of airlines, with no limit on the amount of data it can handle.

Amadeus Performance Insight helps us quickly understand how our business is doing without having to spend time manually inputting information.

With Amadeus Performance Insight airlines can also gain insights to understand peaks and drops in travel shopping, and other purchase patterns to help them better manage demand and build personalised offers. Airlines can also analyse passenger demand for bookings, the supply and load factor of routes to ensure effective pricing strategies, and potentially improve profitability and operations by spotting inefficiencies and monitoring on-time performance.
Pascal Clement, Head of Travel Intelligence, Amadeus, said: “Most global airlines are experiencing a 50% year-on-year increase in data. Both large and small airlines often only keep, hold and process a very small amount of this data, losing out on hundreds of opportunities minute by minute.”
“Due to the fragmented systems and variety of formats the data is in, gaining instant business insights requires advanced travel intelligence tools - Amadeus Performance Insight will enable airlines to unlock this power. It offers carriers better visibility against future commercial projections, gives immediate access to how the business is running, and saves both time and money over manual data crunching.”
Floyd Smith, GM Air Vanuatu Sales & Marketing said: “Data analytics plays a crucial role in helping us to make decisions, particularly around business operations and strategy. Amadeus Performance Insight helps us quickly understand how our business is doing without having to spend time manually inputting information. Instead, we are able to focus on understanding passenger needs and trends and use them to inform our business strategy.”
For those airlines which are in the early stages of their business intelligence strategy, the Amadeus Performance Insight Standard Pack features five key dashboards, giving insight to C-Level Executives and the Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Revenue Management departments. For more mature organisations, Amadeus has also designed a series of advanced modules that complements new data sources from within an airline’s existing systems to help uncover opportunities for growth. The suite also includes custom solutions to cater to the needs of airlines around data integration, hosting, processing and visualisation.
Avianca Brasil, Air Vanuatu and ECAir are some of the current customers of Amadeus Performance Insight.
Please see Pascal Clement's corporate blog post on this announcement.


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