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What TMCs need to know about Managed Travel 3.0

Candice Vallantin

Senior Executive Corporate Communications

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A new Amadeus whitepaper explores how managed travel is changing in the digital era.

After a long day at the office, we all need time to recharge. When we’re travelling for business, that need still stands. If you can’t enjoy a great home-cooked meal, maybe your Travel Management Company (TMC) can recommend an award-winning restaurant in your host city. Can’t make it to your regular yoga studio? Maybe you can book a yoga class near your hotel. Managed Travel 3.0 encompasses the view that corporate travelers want more from their experience.

Business travelers are no longer simply travelling and working – they want to get out and experience the city they are visiting

Little by little, key industry players are moving from Managed Travel 1.0 –a single, offline corporate-driven policy—to Managed Travel 2.0, where self-booking technology, approval flows and the advent of consulting as a service have taken the focus away from the corporate-centric approach, to Managed Travel 3.0, where the corporate citizen’s needs are at the heart of decision-making.

Amadeus’s latest whitepaper, Managed Travel 3.0: an insight from the inside, suggests forward-looking TMCs have the potential to offer end-to end digital experiences for their clients. Corporate citizens want more from their time away; whether that is a hotel which matches their personal preferences; a prompt from a taxi app to organize a transfer from the airport to their office; or a digital itinerary with booking information and door-to-door destination services right at their fingertips.
Managed Travel 3.0 looks at the evolution of managed travel and explores how TMCs on the cutting edge can customize travel experiences without breaking the corporate bank.


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