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Traveltainment plans new package tour search, flight time filter and a better integration of circular trips

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Traveltainment started into a year of important further developments, above all for stationary travel agencies: The development of a new, more comfortable package tour interface for Traveltainment Bistro Portal starts in 2018.

Wuerselen, 5 March 2018 –  In addition, there will be a flight time filter and – together with the partner Nezasa – the optimisation of the circular trip search. But also the Live Beratung in Traveltainment Bistro Portal, the Traveltainment IBE and Traveltainment Dynamic Packaging become more attractive for their users.

Traveltainment Bistro Portal gets a new package tour interface in 2018. It is oriented even more towards the workflow in travel agencies – e.g. by means of mouse-over menus to reduce clicks, displayable detailed information as well as greater clarity. Traveltainment determines together with the users how exactly the new interface will look like.

Moreover, two further novelties in Traveltainment Bistro Portal are firmly planned:

Firstly, the option to filter the search results for flight times. This becomes important when travellers are explicitly looking for certain departure times, e.g. families with small children who do not want a night flight, or winter sports enthusiasts who want to be on the ski slopes at a certain time. For the flight time search, the criteria are planned to be “morning”, “noon”, “afternoon”, “evening” and “night”. It becomes possible, because the open data format OTDS allows to deliver more flight times to Traveltainment – to make this a search criterion is the logical consequence. The flight time filter will supplement the direct flight filter presented in spring 2017, which filters out flights with stop-overs from the result list on request.

Secondly, Traveltainment optimises the search for circular trips in 2018. For this purpose Traveltainment cooperates with the Swiss company Nezasa, the supplier of a tour operator system especially for circular and group trip providers. It is planned to integrate a particular search for circular-trip specific criteria in Traveltainment Bistro Portal. Moreover, the presentation of the products is improved: With itinerary, map, description and possible presentation of the next hotel on the itinerary it will fulfil this particular customer group’s requirements more precisely than before.

The Live Beratung in Traveltainment Bistro Portal will also be further developed. E.g. Traveltainment is planning a standardised interface for the offer transfer to the Live Beratung. This provides travel agencies with the option to combine offer data from different sources in one consultation process and to present them to their customers online in an appealing way – as it is already the case with package tour and hotel offers. Traveltainment will initially collect and assess the customers’ requirements and then integrate new offers into the Live Beratung with selected partners in individual product areas.

Traveltainment IBE: The new version of the Traveltainment IBE Basic introduced in 2017 has been available on the market since the beginning of 2018. In addition, a new version of the low priced Traveltainment IBE Basic Light has been rolled out since autumn. It addresses stationary travel agencies who are looking for a professional booking option to complement their web presence. This means that all Traveltainment IBEs for online travel agencies, stationary travel agencies and tour operators are responsive now, i.e. they automatically adapt to the screen sizes of all types of end devices with the same functionality.

Traveltainment Dynamic Packaging, the production solution for dynamically packaging tour operators, is complemented by the Dynamic Packaging Configuration Tool. Tour operators can create up to twelve individual travel periods to be able to e.g. map main season or low season times. For each travel period and each destination it is possible to determine which airlines should become part of the travel package at what price. This also allows a more target-oriented margin control for higher revenues on the flight parts of the total package. These configurations can be loaded to the distribution channels several times a day via the upload button.

“In recent years we have optimised many processes. In 2018 we will step on the gas again. The new package travel interface for Traveltainment Bistro Portal will once again bring processes and user convenience to a new level – before the end of this year,” says Bernhard Steffens, Managing Director at Traveltainment. “Moreover, we are working on several integration projects: the optimised integration of circular trips with our partner Nezasa and the opening of the Live Beratung for even more holiday products. In 2018, Traveltainment will live up to its reputation to set the standards for touristic travel distribution.”

Traveltainment presents all mentioned novelties during ITB Berlin 2018 (7 to 10 March 2018) at booth 115 in hall 5.1, the joint booth of Amadeus, Traveltainment and Travel Audience.

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