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Traveltainment IBE gets new functions to individualize the travel search

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Traveltainment equips the Traveltainment IBE, which celebrates its 15th birthday this year, with important optional search functions and extends the Traveltainment Travel Suite with a connection to the Google Package Ads.

Wuerselen, 14. September 2018 – In fall 2018 the Traveltainment IBE gets a new optional search for departure times. This search – which in a different form will also be activated for Traveltainment Bistro Portal – aims at portal customers who prefer certain departure times, e.g. because they have small children and therefore wish to avoid a night flight. For them the Traveltainment IBE limits the results to the desired departure periods: “in the morning”, “around noon”, “in the evening” or also “at night” – alternatively, the customers can flexibly set their preferred time via a slider.

Moreover, the Traveltainment IBE will offer the customers of travel portals a considerably wider range of alternative flights for their requested holiday offer. So far this optional service has only been possible for dynamically packaged offers after the vacancy check – now alternative flights are displayed for all types of package tours already prior to the vacancy check. Similar to the search for departure times this filter assists the online customers to find trips via the Traveltainment IBE that better suit their personal preferences.

Furthermore, the new version of the Traveltainment IBE Basic comprises several already announced optional functions, which are ready for the market now:

With the new multiple selection, holidaymakers who do not wish to specify a destination yet can indicate up to 5 destinations – touristic or political regions, locations or also hotels. The search results are then displayed both in an overall list and additionally sorted by destination. This facilitates the selection. For price-conscious portal customers the respective cheapest travel price per destination is already indicated in the tab of the respective overview, so that the selection can be limited fast. The destinations can very easily be deleted from the search mask and replaced by other destinations.

The function best price per tour operator shows the best offer price of the tour operators for a certain hotel in a clearly arranged graphic.

The Exit Intent Layer provides a particular page when a customer intends to leave the travel portal without a booking. It is activated when the mouse is moved towards the browser menu or the close button or when no interaction has taken place for a certain time defined by the portal. The displayed page can be filled with the contact data of the consulting and booking hotline and should persuade end customers to nevertheless stay on the page and to complete the booking or offer them help in the form of a contact option before they possibly bail out. The layer can be used on hotel, date and booking pages.

“Two things concern the sales managers of online travel portals: individualization and conversion. The new functions of the Traveltainment IBE serve both”, says Dr. Oliver Rengelshausen, General Manager at Traveltainment. “The more a customer is able to refine the search according to his individual needs himself, the more likely it is that the IBE offers exactly matching offers – and the more likely it is that the customer books. At the same time e.g. the function ‘best price per tour operator’ shows the customers that they always have a choice. With the Exit Intent Layer we give portals the chance to get customers back to the booking track. Thus in total the Traveltainment IBE offers portals as well as customers a wide variety of new advantages.”

Via the Traveltainment Travel Suite, which equips online advertising campaigns with always up-to-date, bookable offers, online travel providers are now able to also manage pinpoint campaigns in the Google Package Ads. So far this has already worked with the Google Hotel Ads and also with the option to woo the visitors of the website via Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads – and to ideally lead them back to the website for the booking.

“Via the Traveltainment Travel Suite online campaigns can be precisely managed”, explains Oliver Rengelshausen. “The travel providers define which offers are passed on when and under which circumstances. The execution takes place fully automatically. We are pleased that with the Google Package Ads we provide another channel, which travel operators can use to not only aim at the right target group, but also display the desired actually bookable offers.”

Traveltainment presents the Traveltainment IBE and the Traveltainment Travel Suite during Travel Expo in Cologne on September 18 and September 19, 2018 at booth D7, the joint booth of Amadeus and Traveltainment.

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