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Traveltainment connects tour operators to the Google Hotel Ads

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Traveltainment paves the way to the Google Hotel Ads for tour operators who would like to present bookable hotel offers in the results lists of the search engine Google. Pilot customer is the Berlin tour operator JT Touristik.

Wuerselen, 12. April 2017 – The core of the offer is the Pixell Travel Suite, which provides online advertising campaigns with always up-to-date, bookable offers. Here, tour operators put in a list of the hotels which are to be advertised. Google calls it up regularly via its programming interface (API) and transfers the updated offers into the database of the Google Hotel Ads. If people who are fond of travelling search via the search engine for destinations, Google loads the tour operator offers into the results list. Those who click on it get directly to the Traveltainment IBE on the websites of the advertising tour operators by deeplink.

“Via the Pixell Travel Suite, the campaigns can be directed in an exact way,” says Bernhard Steffens, CEO of Traveltainment. “The tour operators determine, when and under which conditions which offers are passed on. The processing happens fully automatically. This way it is guaranteed that online campaigns not only hit the right target audience, but also display the desired offers – for instance the hotels with the best margins –, in fact at the up-to-date and bookable price.”

Pilot customer JT Touristik produces its travels with Traveltainment Dynamic Packaging and has hotel specials for more than 15,000 hotels and about 150 destinations for sale. Meanwhile, a part of it is available via the Pixell Travel Suite in the Google Hotel Ads. “With the new connection, we as tour operators have our finger on the pulse,” says Jasmin Taylor, Managing Director of JT Touristik. “By that, we receive a really new sales opportunity and reach new target audiences. Not least we increase our brand presence noticeably.”

“Google registers millions of travel-related search inquiries per day. Google Hotel Ads enables travel sellers to make an offer to the customers exactly in the moment they want to book a hotel,“ says Laura-Marie Arens, Business Leader Travel Vertical Search at Google Germany. „It’s important that users only get offers which are really available. The cooperation between Google Hotel Ads and Pixell Travel Suite makes this possible.“

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