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Traveltainment connects tour operators and online travel agencies to Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads

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Traveltainment extended the Traveltainment Travel Suite by adding a connection to the Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads. Tour operators as well as online agencies thereby have the opportunity to woo visitors of their website on Facebook in a targeted way – and ideally lead them back to the website for booking. Pilot customer Urlaubspiraten.de has been using the new connection already for several months.

Wuerselen, 26. Juni 2017 – The Traveltainment Travel Suite (previously: Pixell Travel Suite) equips online advertising campaigns with always up-to-date, bookable offers. Here, tour operators and travel portals like Urlaubspiraten.de provide a list of the package tours which are to be advertised – e. g. for the Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads. Facebook records for which hotels, departure airports, departure dates and travel periods the customers search via the booking engine on Urlaubspiraten.de. When being on Facebook, the customers see advertisements with available travel suggestions which match their search queries. Those who click on these advertisements are led back to the booking machine on Urlaubspiraten.de via a deeplink where the travel data is already filled.

The Traveltainment Travel Suite works with all variants of the Traveltainment IBE and also with Traveltainment XML, on which the booking engine of Urlaubspiraten.de is based. The Travel Suite converts the offer data automatically into the format of the online advertising partner, be it the Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads, the Google Hotel Ads or other formats.



“Especially when it comes to package tours, typical users do not book during the first visit to our website. The decision-making process can take several days. That’s why it’s important for us to be able to convince them with tailormade offers via other media such as Facebook,” says Dominik Förster, Vice President of Marketing og Holidaypirates Group. “With Retargeting Ads on Facebook we have been working for a few years, but we have entered our offers manually so far. The automation via Traveltainment Travel Suite allows us to insert and publish a larger number of offers. Since we started using them, the conversion of this merchandising path has significantly increased.”

“Traveltainment sees it as its task to provide online travel agencies and tour operators not only with booking technique, but also with ingenious technology to increase the conversion”, says Bernhard Steffens, CEO at Traveltainment. “The Traveltainment Travel Suite makes sure that online advertising shows real and available travel offers. The new connection to Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads is the logical advancement – an ideal platform for tour operators as well as online travel agencies.”

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