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Traveltainment achieves new booking records

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Traveltainment registered a new booking record: On Sunday, 14 January 2018, the Traveltainment system registered new all-time maximum daily values both for the number of bookings and for the booking volume (the value of the booked trips).

Wuerselen, 2 February 2018 – This Sunday, Traveltainment achieved a significant five-digit number of bookings with a very significant double-digit million euro volume. The average price was about 1,600 euros per booking. Also in total the booking numbers of January 2018 have so far been above the previous year significantly in the double-digit range.

At the same time, Traveltainment draws a positive balance for package tours that were dynamically packaged with Traveltainment Dynamic Packaging: In 2017 this kind of trip was about 18 per cent more frequently booked in the Traveltainment system than in 2016. In January 2018 to date, the numbers are also significantly double digit above the previous year.

“Traveltainment can be proud of these successes. Of course economic recovery and the Germans’ buying mood are reflected in the numbers. But the records also prove the leading role of the Traveltainment technology, which is unique and successful in the market,” says Bernhard Steffens, Managing Director at Traveltainment.

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