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The perfect companion for the road

Borja Saki

Senior Executive Corporate Communications

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Boston Consulting Group and Amadeus launch a new itinerary management app available to the consulting firm’s entire workforce worldwide

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Amadeus have launched a new itinerary management app available to the consulting firm’s entire workforce worldwide.
With the new MyBCGTrip mobile app, built hand-in-hand with Amadeus, BCG’s travellers are now set to experience a smoother journey. They are empowered with the right information when and where they need it the most – right at their fingertips. This iOS app is now available to BCG’s employees across its 80+ offices worldwide.
MyBCGTrip is a versatile and intuitive itinerary management app offering instant access to all trip details, easy check-in, calendar synchronisation, flight notifications and instant alternatives in case of a last-minute change in plans. Rebooking is as simple as a single tap that connects the traveller directly to a travel agent. Upon booking a trip, the traveller doesn’t need to do anything either: the trip links automatically to their profile within the app.
"Our Travellers are shaping our travel programme", says Head of Global Travel for Boston Consulting Group Gehan Colliander. "We have come a long way since the pure user interface look and feel and are now taking into consideration the overall user experience. The global mobile strategy we are developing and implementing using Amadeus technology is an impeccable step in delivering a personalised travel experience in accordance with business needs."
Designed by the BCG Global Travel team, the MyBCGTrip app is based on the Amadeus Mobile Platform and personalised for the corporation’s travel needs. Beyond corporations, Amadeus’ Mobile platform can also be used by travel agencies and other types of travel companies.
“Our partnership with BCG is bringing their employees a one-in-all travel companion that can offer a better, more streamlined trip experience. Stressful situations on the road like rushing to find your new boarding gate or struggling to find your hotel while lost in a strange city are now a thing of the past,” comments Michael Bayle, Head of Mobile at Amadeus. He continued: “Any sized corporation or travel company wishing to offer their travellers a more enjoyable trip experience while travelling can count on Amadeus to equip their travellers with contextualised travel information exactly when they need it in their trip.”

What features are available on the MyBCGTripp app?

Trips are automatically imported into the user’s profile
Access all trip details for current and upcoming trips
Check-in to a flight
Add trip to calendar
Receive notifications for delays and cancellations
Find alternative flights instantly in case of a change in plans
Get connected instantly to a travel agent to rebook a flight



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