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Rail travel in Europe has never been so easy thanks to Swiss Federal Railways SBB and Amadeus

Bertrand Cognard

Corporate Communications

New booking engine developed by Amadeus will allow travelers to more simply book international rail tickets, offering the best routes and prices in one place

Switzerland is located at the centre of the European railway network and is renowned for its excellence, innovation and efficiency. And yet, when a customer wants to travel cross border from Switzerland, they often have to visit several operator websites to find the best fares and routes, creating a disjointed and time-consuming experience.

This is why SBB has selected Amadeus to deliver a powerful, intelligent and flexible booking solution. The service will help passengers travelling around Europe to find the best connections and cheapest fares in one place. Whether searching for routes from Aachen to Zürich or Zug to Aix-en-Provence, the best ticket prices will be available to customers on a single screen, for better, more connected journeys.

Passengers using the new booking system will enjoy an at-a-glance view of all possible routes and costs, just by entering a departure and destination station. The booking engine incorporates all SBB’s sales channels – online, mobile and at stations – enabling SBB to sell a more enriched offer from railways in neighbouring countries and popular destinations like Berlin and Paris.

The benefits don’t end here. SBB also quickly recognized the potential to easily present the best available fares to its customers. A state-of-the-art price display and comparison tool is therefore being built into the system and will go live later this year.

Alexander Gellner, Head of International Distribution and Marketing at SBB, said: “As demand for international train services continues to rise, so does the opportunity to offer a comfortable and better connected service. By working together with Amadeus, SBB is harnessing the potential of new technologies to modernize the distribution of international rail tickets while offering a better experience for passengers.”

Gellner continued: “With the new booking system, customers will be able to access better information on international fares and simpler ticketing.”

“Rail travel doesn’t need to be complicated and we’re thrilled to be working with SBB to make life easier for Swiss passengers. The tool we’re building will put the best prices and the best routes all in one place, and that’s great for passengers and great for SBB,” said Antoine de Kerviler, Global Head Rail & Ground Travel at Amadeus.


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