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Rail package available through Amadeus Rail web services

Eve-Marie Morgo

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It’s easy to book a package including a flight and a hotel, travel websites are experts at putting together the best possible options according to our specific needs. Yet, have you ever tried to book such a rail package with a train instead of a flight in a single booking transaction?

If you did, then we may have something to do with it! Indeed, we help rail operators to connect to travel websites using one single connection and vice-versa, travel websites can access inventories from multiple railways with Amadeus. Thus making it cheaper to manage multiple inventory connections and easier to sell rail online and therefore to package it with a hotel booking.

Eurostar and lastminute.com: a success story

Since 2015, UK travellers are able to package their Eurostar tickets together with their hotel accommodation on lastminute.com. It’s easy – only a few clicks are required to complete the transaction, all fare types are available and tickets can be easily combined with a hotel.

We’re very proud of the collaboration together with Eurostar and lastminute.com to put this in place. This was possible before, but the level of flexibility, speed and integration we have now put in place are quite unique. 

Most importantly it makes it a much more user-friendly experience for travellers:

  • Travellers making a reservation on lastminute.com now have access to all Eurostar fares, covering all levels of flexibility and price, including promotions and negotiated rates
  • The booking process is smoother, similar to an airline booking
  • It’s fast, thanks to advanced technology that guarantees very short response times

These benefits are also reflected in numbers: since the launch of the solution, lastminute.com exceeded its sales target for Eurostar tickets, increasing its rail profitability. 

Watch lastminute.com and Eurostar talking aobut the project in this short video:

Learn how Eurostar has exceeded their sales targets on lastminute.com

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