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Linear Air Taxi expands its reach to travel sellers

Chantal Boeckman

Corporate Communications, The Americas

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Amadeus is first to offer Linear Air Taxi, a transport service between regional airports in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, to U.S. travel agencies.

Daily, nonstop flights are available from numerous airlines, but oftentimes, travelers need options when their journeys deviate from popular routes. Linear Air Taxi flies travelers directly to and from any airport in the U.S. at any time, helping them avoid unnecessary connecting flights, long layovers and airport ground transportation, along with saving time and money.

Linear Air Taxi chose Amadeus as its first distribution partner to offer travel sellers integrated access to Linear Air’s full range of content within the existing booking flow. The partnership will make booking travel easier and more flexible for Linear Air Taxi customers and travel sellers.

“Our agreement with Amadeus expands our whole-plane, on-demand and scheduled per-seat service to deliver cost-efficient and hassle-free travel to more people,” said William Herp, Chief Executive Officer of Linear Air Taxi. “Distribution through Amadeus supports our efforts to better use our network of aircraft operators and create a new model for air travel that redefines regional travel.”

“Linear Air Taxi is an innovative travel company that is making strides in the industry with a goal to improve the traveler experience,” said Elena Avila, Executive Vice President, Airlines, Americas. “Its non-traditional model brings a welcome challenge. Amadeus is committed to being at the industry forefront with technology that delivers a growing scope of travel options to travel sellers and their customers.”

Currently, Linear Air offers several classes of air taxi based on the number of passengers, ranging from 3-passenger air taxis to 7-passenger light jets to over 5,000 regional airports in North America. Amadeus has successfully integrated all Linear Air content, which is now available through all Amadeus channels.


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