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Iberia and Amadeus Renew Alliance to Support UNICEF in a bid to fight against deadly diseases

Juan Girón

Manager Corporate Communications

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Agreement signed in 2013 led to collection of 500,000 euros in customer donations to “100% Vaccinated Children” campaign. Via a platform developed by Amadeus, people buying flight tickets on the www.iberia.com website are invited to donate between three and 20 euros. The new campaign launched on the occasion of Universal Children’s Day led to a surge in donations. Iberia will launch the donation platform on iberia.com in 13 additional countries

Children in countries such as Afghanistan, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Sudan and the Yemen are at risk because of deadly diseases that are easy to prevent with a simple vaccine. Which is why Iberia, the Spanish Committee of UNICEF and Amadeus have renewed their landmark 2013 agreement to cooperate together to collect customer donations for the UNICEF “100% Vaccinated Children” programme which provides vaccinations against polio, measles and pertussis for children in high-risk countries.

More than 87,000 donations totalling 500,000 euros have been collected from Iberia customers

The Amadeus platform makes it easy for Iberia customers to donate 3-20 euros with a single click when buying flight tickets on iberia.com, and so far more than 87,000 donations totalling 500,000 euros have been collected from Iberia customers under the agreement, proving the programme’s worth as a sustainable means of financing major worldwide social projects.
The new two-year agreement was signed by UNICEF Spain’s chairman, Carmelo Angulo, Amadeus’ President and CEO, Luis Maroto, and Iberia’s Chairman and CEO, Luis Gallego.
Carmelo Angulo, President of UNICEF Spain, commented: “In UNICEF we are proud of this alliance, of the generosity of Iberia customers, and the success of the fundraising effort, which for the past two years has contributed to improving the lives of thousands of children in countries like Chad. Five vaccination campaigns are reaching millions of unvaccinated children. This sort of alliance is key for achieving real change in the lives of children, by enabling them to survive and grow.”
Luis Maroto, President and CEO of the Amadeus IT Group, said: “We’re very proud of this alliance between UNICEF, Amadeus and Iberia. This initiative has helped support UNICEF’s efforts around the world. The micro-donation platform is an example of the transformative potential of travel industry technology applied to social projects and causes.”
Luis Gallego, Chairman and CEO of Iberia
, said: “Our customers have shown their ample generosity and their support for UNICEF’s projects. At Iberia we are delighted to contribute to helping thousands of children in the poorer countries to grow in good health. I am convinced these donations will continue growing in this new phase of the agreement. At Iberia, we’ll do our best to make that happen”.

Spike in donations during Universal Children’s Day campaign
In the four-day period around Universal Children’s Day (20 November), Iberia implemented a special campaign in which it rewarded customers’ generosity by issuing discount cards for future air tickets in the amount of donations made to UNICEF via the Amadeus platform on the Iberia website.
The campaign, publicised on the website and through emails to customers, led in the first three days to a 35% increase in donors with respect to average levels.
In December, Iberia will launch the donation platform on iberia.com in 13 additional countries, so that more Iberia’s customers can start supporting the UNICEF vaccination programme through their donations. Altogether, the donations platform will be available on iberia.com in 27 countries, including most countries in Europe.


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