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EgyptAir is 27th airline to select Amadeus Altéa Customer Management Solution

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Amadeus and EgyptAir, a pioneer founder of the International Air Transport Association and a leading carrier in the Middle East, have signed an agreement by which Amadeus will provide the airline with the Altéa Customer Management Solution (CMS).

Madrid, Spain, 15 March 2006: Amadeus and EgyptAir, a pioneer founder of the International Air Transport Association and a leading carrier in the Middle East, have signed an agreement by which Amadeus will provide the airline with the Altéa Customer Management Solution (CMS).

As part of its ongoing strategic plan of modernisation, EgyptAir has decided to replace its in-house legacy passenger service system, operational since 1982, with Altéa CMS. Built around the customer, the new platform will enable Egyptair to revolutionise its customer service and equip itself with the technology to react quickly to changing market forces.

"The competitive aviation market in the region and the increasing passenger demand is a great challenge for us," says EgyptAir Holding Company Chairman, Atef Abdel Hamid Mostafa. The airline is evolving in a fast-changing industry and is driven by the desire to meet its customer’s present and future needs.

"The Altéa suite will provide us with the tools to strengthen our role in our strategic geographical location between Africa, Europe and the Middle East. With Altéa CMS’ proven, shared platform structure, we can adopt best practice for our sales and airport processing whilst remaining competitive," adds the airline’s chairman.

Amadeus will be the system integrator for EgyptAir's IT Modernisation Project, and through Altéa CMS, will provide the airline with state-of-the-art solutions for inventory management, multi-channel sales and reservation, full electronic ticket management plus distribution and departure control services. To enable EgyptAir to take full advantage of the industry best practices supported by this suite of solutions, Amadeus will take an active role in the reengineering of the airline’s business processes, as well as support other systems within the airline such as revenue accounting, frequent flier and revenue management.

"EgyptAir is an example of a carrier which in the past relied successfully on in-house technology supported by its professional IT staff," says Frédéric Spagnou, Vice President, Amadeus Airline Business Group. "However, today's highly competitive environment demands that the airline optimises its selling channels, enhances its competitive positioning and employs a solution that will drive its business expansion at reduced operating costs."

In this new phase, Egyptair will use the expertise of its staff to achieve the desired targets and to optimise the benefits of Amadeus’ technology to the maximum. Altéa CMS will assist EgyptAir in its aim to establish itself as a preferred travel provider in the Middle East and globally.

EgyptAir joins 26 airlines worldwide who have adopted the Altéa CMS suite, including leading members of the Star and oneworld airline alliances. The reservation module of Altéa CMS is used by 150 airlines as their in-house sales platform.

Notes to the editors:

EgyptAir Holding Company
Established in 1932, EgyptAir is one of the pioneer airlines in the world, the seventh carrier to begin operations. The Egyptian national carrier is one of the best airlines in the Middle East and Arab countries. As a result of years of continuous investments, EgyptAir operates one of the most modern and young fleets in the industry. The airline has upgraded its passenger facilities to respond to its customer’s needs and all its flights - long, medium and short haul - offer high standards of service.

EgyptAir operates more than 400 weekly flights from Cairo and several other Egyptian cities to more than 66 destinations in Asia, Europe, Africa & North America.

A world-leading technology and distribution solutions provider, Amadeus delivers unparalleled expertise to the travel and tourism industry, including leading-edge solutions that cover airlines’ unique business needs, independent of their size, business model or market reach.

Amadeus’ pioneering new-generation Customer Management Solution (CMS) portfolio, Amadeus Altéa CMS, serves both network and regional carriers. The Altéa portfolio, based on a pioneering community platform concept, enables improved operational efficiency and increases revenue. The portfolio consists of the Altéa Reservation (Sell), Altéa Inventory (Plan) and Altéa Departure Control (Fly) solutions.

Low Cost Carriers have alternative Customer Management Solutions – Pioneer CMS and Results CMS by Amadeus - based on adaptive technology that provides robust options that easily adjust to their evolving operational requirements.

Further complimenting these integrated IT solutions is the Amadeus e-Travel Airline Suite that includes the Amadeus e-Retail engine, which powers more than 120 websites of over 60 airlines.

Amadeus also offers a range of standalone IT solutions, including: revenue integrity and automatic ticket reissue tools, in addition to full e-ticket interlining and ground-handling management technology services.

More information about Amadeus is available at: www.amadeus.com/airlines.

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