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Copenhagen airport to improve the passenger experience, as it becomes one of the first airports to implement EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s new data exchange standard (iSWIM)

Bertrand Cognard

Corporate Communications

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Amadeus-led implementation means more accurate departure planning information can be shared, contributing to a more efficient management of the European air traffic network

With European air traffic estimated to grow by 1.7% annually over the next five years, and with airport capacity becoming increasingly limited, punctuality is fast becoming a real challenge for the industry.

And this is why industry-wide programs such as Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) are so crucial, as they are designed to achieve more efficient airport processes by encouraging closer collaboration from everybody involved in airport operations.

But new technology, standards and improved connection capabilities can also help airports to unlock more operational efficiency, and to this end Amadeus is helping Copenhagen to become one of the first airports to implement a new connection standard from EUROCONTROL Network Manager.

So how does this work?

Very simply, this connection enables the exchange of information via EUROCONTROL Network Manager business-to-business (B2B) web services, which is based on SWIM standards, with connectivity provided by Amadeus. The web services enables the automatic exchange of digital information which in turn helps the European traffic network improve operations.

The new connectivity is native to Amadeus’ solutions for airports and was implemented directly between Amadeus and EUROCONTROL Network Manager, reducing the IT burden on the airport.

Christian Poulsen, CIO & Vice President, Assets & Technology, at Copenhagen Airport commented, “Punctuality is one of the most important requests from travelers and a key challenge in our industry. By connecting to the new B2B web services from EUROCONTROL Network Manager, we’re helping the entire airport ecosystem improve visibility and planning by providing a 24-hour view of flights departing from Copenhagen. This improves forward planning and reduces delays, resulting in a better traveler experience.”

Poulsen continued, “It was also really important for us to limit the impact of this implementation on our daily operations. Thanks to Amadeus’ native connectivity to the EUROCONTROL Network Manager standard, it was an easy and straightforward process.”

“The growing number of flights in Europe is putting pressure on airports’ daily operations. Technology has a significant role to play in improving information transparency within individual, and between different airports that enables more flights and more punctuality” said Yannick Beunardeau, Head of Airport IT EMEA at Amadeus. He continued: “We have been pleased to work on this project with Copenhagen Airport and we can implement this type of interface very simply for airports, leaving them to focus on core operations.”