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Chinese travel search engine iGola partners with Amadeus to make travel more inspiring, simple and affordable

Candice Vallantin

Senior Executive Corporate Communications

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With Amadeus Extreme Search and Amadeus virtual interlining, iGola aims for global expansion by helping travellers answer the perennial questions: where should I fly, and when can I get the best deal?

You’ve got one weekend and $500; where should you go? iGola, a new travel search engine based in China, is making it easier for travellers to answer this question with the implementation of Amadeus Extreme Search technology.
With this strategic partnership, iGola is using Amadeus’ cutting edge technology to further boost innovation and market growth on a global scale.
On iGola’s platform, travellers have three options. The “Find Flights” option helps travellers who have a specific destination and timeline in mind. For those with more flexibility, travellers can select “Where to go” or “When to go”.
Powered by Amadeus Master Pricer with Extreme Search technology, iGola’s “Where to go” option is perfect for those looking for a spontaneous long weekend. After saying where they are flying from and when they want to fly, travellers can explore an interactive map of the world that can be adjusted for different budgets. Flying from Hong Kong in March with $500?  Dozens of destinations around the world are just a few clicks away.
In addition, iGola’s “When to go” option is great for those looking to travel to a specific destination at the right price. A traveller simply has to enter where they are flying from and where they want to go, and a chart of prices over time tells them when they should pack their bags to get the best fare.
The metasearch company is also working with Amadeus to develop their new iGolaFares, expected to launch this summer. With Amadeus virtual interlining technology, iGolaFares will maximise the chance that travellers can find the lowest fare available, thus improving choice, convenience and customer service. Amadeus virtual interlining uses machine learning to connect flights between carriers who do not have interlining agreements, in order to find the best fare based on price and convenience for value-conscious travellers. This feature is in line with iGola’s philosophy of offering the very best content options to improve the user experience.
Founded in 2014, iGola raised more than $18.7 million in series A+ funding in December. As the Chinese meta aims for global expansion, this partnership with Amadeus will help iGola differentiate its offer to stand out in a crowded online travel market. “iGola is a very innovative company. They are really focused on providing great value to travellers with a slick and simple user experience, so it’s always a pleasure working with iGola’s team to make their ideas come to life ” says Sebastien Gibergues, Head of the Leisure & Online Travel for Amadeus.
“Our goal is to provide travellers around the world real time and accurate information, and the tools they can use to plan their trips easier and faster, so they can spend less time in front of a computer and more time exploring the world. We see Amadeus as a strategic partner with the technology we need to make the travel shopping experience more simple and inspiring,” says George Zhang, CEO of iGola.


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