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Boost allows stationary travel agency organisations to strategically sort search results for travel offers

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Traveltainment, provider of the preferred consultation and offer comparison system Traveltainment Bistro Portal, and Interactive Pioneers Travel, provider of innovative digital tourism solutions, bring “Boost” to the travel agencies. This product was developed in cooperation for the precise control of travel offers. The travel agencies of DER Touristik are the pilot customer.

Würselen and Aachen, 6. März 2018 –  With “Boost”, travel agencies can sort the offers by criteria which are freely adjustable and can be combined with each other instead of only by price or rating as usual. This way, not necessarily the cheapest offer ranks first in the results list, but the most suitable one. “Boost” is designed in such a way that a central performs the settings for a travel agency organisation – the respective individual requirements of chains, co-operations and franchise companies are taken into account here.

As already in the version for travel portals which was presented in summer 2017, a series of criteria to rank the results is available also for stationary travel agencies. Among other things this includes the prioritisation of certain providers as well as the hotel reviews Traveltainment Trusted Reviews. Via slide controls it can easily be adjusted how strongly each criterion should influence the final order of the search results.

Additionally, travel agencies are provided with extensive possibilities to determine which tour operators they want to put first in which case. They can individually weight tour operators via slide controls, e. g. score them better for certain regions, travel and booking periods. This way, it becomes easier among other things to optimise commissions or to use tour-operator promotions: If a travel agency organisation rates the region promoted by the provider in “Boost” better than other regions, exactly these travel offers are ranked higher in the results lists in relation to a good price.

For the first time, the know-how and the intelligence of the travel agency consultation process can be mirrored already in the results lists. This higher relevance of the results leads to better booking figures and with this to more earning opportunities and better margins.

Traveltainment answers booking requests which come in via Traveltainment Bistro Portal (and via the Traveltainment IBE) with the tour operator preferences requested by “Boost” as usual from its own cache sorted by price and forwards the results to Interactive Pioneers. If desired, “Boost” now additionally sorts the results list according to the defined settings and sends it back to Traveltainment Bistro Portal without significant delay. As usual, Traveltainment and the travel agency handle all the other processes.

“After we had presented Boost for the users of the Traveltainment IBE in 2017, the travel agency organisations very quickly expressed the wish to use this results list control also in stationary travel agencies,” says Carlo Matic, General Manager of Interactive Pioneers Travel. “We are happy to present this integration already at ITB Berlin 2018. The prospects are good: The first experiences of the online pilot customer lastminute.com show that among other things the average value of the booked travels rose noticeably after the activation of Boost.”

„With the common product Boost, travel agency organisations get the marketing and sales control over their offer“, says Bernhard Steffens, Managing Director of Traveltainment. “This means that through the targeted selection, every organisation decides itself which products are provided at the front of their shelf. Like this, Boost allows consultations which are better tailored to the target groups and at last the sharpening of the profile in the local market.”

During ITB Berlin 2018 (7 to 10 March 2018), Interactive Pioneers Travel is partner at booth 115 in hall 5.1, the common booth of Amadeus, Traveltainment and Travel Audience. There, Traveltainment and Interactive Pioneers Travel present “Boost” for stationary travel agencies together.

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