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Avianca is the first airline in Latin America to implement NDC with Amadeus

Laura Cobbold

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Amadeus Altéa NDC supports Avianca to deliver its omni-channel strategy by offering NDC-based shopping and booking capabilities

Avianca is the latest airline to participate in Amadeus’ NDC-X program

Today, travelers are increasingly looking for more personalized products, and travel providers are adapting to meet these new needs and expectations. To satisfy this customer demand, it’s more important than ever that airlines are able to reach a wide range of travelers, make the booking experience as seamless as possible and effectively market their products.

In light of this, Avianca is the first airline in Latin America to adopt the Amadeus Altéa NDC (New Distribution Capability) solution. It allows Avianca to provide its travel agency and metasearch customers with a more personalized product and rich media capabilities. By implementing Altéa NDC, the airline is also able to use different merchandizing techniques across all of its channels.

This new agreement falls under the umbrella of Amadeus’ NDC-X program, which brings together all the NDC activities across Amadeus – as an IT provider and aggregator – under one roof.

Amadeus Altéa NDC is a solution which enables airlines using Altéa PSS (Passenger Service System) to distribute their offers to third parties using the latest industry standard. With Level 3 certification, the highest level from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Amadeus Altéa NDC supports end-to-end NDC booking flows and provides Offer & Order management capabilities. Avianca will be able to integrate ancillary services into the new NDC booking flow for bookings from travel agencies and metasearch companies, allowing it to upsell products to third parties and ultimately the traveler.

“Amadeus Altéa NDC will allow us to offer our customers an enriched content of products and services,” says Silvia Mosquera Executive VP of Sales & Marketing at Avianca.  “To start with, we will use Amadeus Altéa NDC to make our content available directly on Skyscanner’s desktop and mobile channels. Then we expect to extend the solution to other partners in our ecosystem.”  

“Our Altéa NDC solution will help Avianca extend its reach,” says Vicky Huertas, Commercial VP, Airlines Latin America & Caribbean at Amadeus. “We already provide Avianca with a wide range of IT solutions and we’ll now enable its omni-channel approach with Altéa NDC. This will allow Avianca’s content to be available via NDC XML connectivity to meta-search engines, travel agencies, and technology providers.”

“It’s fantastic to have more and more airlines working with us within our NDC-X program,” says Gianni Pisanello, VP, NDC-X program, Amadeus. “Through Altéa NDC, we are working with airlines to further develop the technology that will enable them to distribute exciting new offers using the NDC standard. Our objective is to drive adoption of NDC in the industry, and to make it work for airlines, travel sellers and other industry players.”


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