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Austrian Airlines Joins Star Alliance Common IT Platform

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Austrian Airlines announces the replacement of its inventory and check-in systems and is joining the Common IT Platform, a Star Alliance initiative. Star Alliance Common IT Platform (CITP), is a joint, centralised platform for customer management, hosted by Amadeus for participating Star Alliance member carriers.

Madrid, Spain, 31 May, 2007: Austrian Airlines announces the replacement of its inventory and check-in systems and is joining the Common IT Platform, a Star Alliance initiative. Star Alliance Common IT Platform (CITP), is a joint, centralised platform for customer management, hosted by Amadeus for participating Star Alliance member carriers. Alongside United, Lufthansa and other regional members of the alliance, Austrian Airlines is now launching a comprehensive migration project to oversee the staged transfer of all key airline IT systems, including inventory, ticketing and check-in, to the new platform by mid-2009.

Rainer Pichler, Vice President, Austrian IT Services said the following about the benefits of the CITP: "With Amadeus as provider, we can lower our unit costs in order to significantly reduce both the ongoing costs of our IT development and maintenance, and the costs of reservation systems. This will enable us to simplify business processes in many of our divisions and adapt these to meet a contemporary standard. Because Austrian is joining this initiative with some key Star Alliance members such as Lufthansa and United, the companies will be able to maintain their existing process optimisation, while the removal of interfaces will let Austrian realise improvements in the service range for its customers more quickly and efficiently than ever before."

Hans Jorgensen, Vice-President, Strategic Airline and Partner Programmes, Amadeus, noted: "Austrian Airlines exemplifies a growing number of carriers turning to more flexible, new generation technology, to facilitate better alliance integration, improve customer service and maximise operational efficiencies. As the market becomes more complex, it is important that all airlines can trust their IT systems to deliver unfailingly on their changing needs, irrespective of whether they are full-service, network or regional players."

Airlines within the Star Alliance currently use their own reservation and handling systems. To make it possible for passengers to travel with a range of different Star Alliance airlines, however, the different systems need to be able to communicate with one another. To achieve this, interfaces are put in place, which normally involve costs for the airlines in question. The new CITP replaces these diverse systems and interfaces, and allows the partners to access a joint customer management platform in future.

"With Austrian's decision to join the CITP initiative, more Star Alliance member airlines will be able to serve our joint customers in a more uniform manner and provide them enhanced service," said Aman Khan, Star Alliance VP Information Technology. "Furthermore, it will enable Austrian to reduce their current and future development efforts. This is a major step forward for CITP, Star Alliance and for Austrian Airlines."

In a first stage, Austrian Airlines' inventory system - the heart of any airline - will be migrated to the new Common IT Platform. Working approximately one year in advance, all 150,000 flights of the Austrian Airlines Group, including the appropriate seating capacities, flight times, among others, will be mapped into the CITP. The ticketing system and the check-in system will also be migrated in a second stage, and will be operating on the new platform by 2009.

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About the Star Alliance Common IT Platform (CITP)
The new platform is based on the first next generation Customer Management System available in the airline industry. Built on state-of-the-art technological infrastructure and software, the CITP will enhance customer service functionalities, specifically for sales and airport environments, including such transactions as schedule, availability, inventory, reservations, fare quote and ticketing as well as passenger check-in. The improvement in customer service will come through ease of use as well as through the provision of better quality and common data for airline service agents when dealing with alliance customers. The CITP project was originally launched in 2005 with Lufthansa and United as the lead carriers. To date, Austrian Airlines and regional members Adria Airways and Croatia Airlines have joined CITP. Additionally, Star Alliance member carrier South African Airways is using Amadeus Altéa, based on a similar technology as CITP.

About Amadeus
A world-leading technology and distribution solutions provider, Amadeus delivers unparalleled expertise to the travel and tourism industry, including leading-edge solutions that cover airlines' unique business needs, independent of their size, business model or market reach.

Amadeus’ pioneering new-generation Customer Management Solution (CMS) portfolio, Amadeus Altéa CMS, serves network and regional carriers. The Altéa portfolio, based on a pioneering community platform concept, enables improved operational efficiency and increases revenue. The portfolio consists of the Altéa Reservation, Altéa Inventory and Altéa Departure Control solutions.

Low cost carriers also have a specific CMS for LCCs - based on adaptive technology and already used by carriers in Europe and the USA, that provides robust options that easily adjust to their evolving operational requirements.

Further complementing these integrated IT solutions is the Amadeus e-Travel Airline Suite. Over 70 of the world’s leading airlines use the Amadeus e-Travel Airline Suite to power over 250 websites in more than 80 markets.

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More information about Amadeus' solutions for airlines is available at: http://www.amadeus.com/airlines.

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