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Amadeus Revenue Integrity technology registers record adoption rates, 8 contract wins in 8 months

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Amadeus' revenue integrity technology is registering record adoption rates.

Madrid, 2 February 2006: Amadeus’ revenue integrity technology is registering record adoption rates. The global leader in technology and distribution solutions for the travel and tourism industry has recorded eight contract wins for the solution in eight months: in Europe with CSA Czech Airlines, in Asia with Bangkok Airways and in Latin America with Lloyd AeroBoliviano, Carribean Sun, Aeromexico and AeroRepublica, in addition to two contract renewals with Aviacsa and Aerolíneas Argentinas.

Amadeus Revenue Integrity is already the leading solution of its kind in North America, where it is used by major carriers representing 60 per cent of US bookings. Its similarly strong uptake in the rest of the world is a result of the high return on investment and the fact that Amadeus Revenue Integrity is easily tailored to the needs of network and regional carriers, regardless of location. In total, 30 airlines today use Amadeus Revenue Integrity.

Arnaud Debuchy, Director of Travel Intelligence at Amadeus, said, “We have achieved a lot of success in the US market, but are now equally focused on pushing into Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia. One of the biggest advantages of Amadeus Revenue Integrity is that it is very easy to show a return on investment, and within weeks the benefits are clear. For example, one of our customers was able to achieve a return on investment of 500% in just three months. The strong uptake of Amadeus Revenue Integrity solution demonstrates Amadeus’ leadership in the provision of IT solutions for airlines.”

Amadeus Revenue Integrity uplifts an airline’s capacity to firm flights and to ensure it is filling planes with paying customers instead of flying with empty seats. Through improving the quality of passenger name records (PNRs) and detecting fictitious or duplicate names and ticket numbers, Amadeus Revenue Integrity makes predicting the number of no-shows much more accurate. This ultimately allows the airline to improve yield, forecasting and load factors. Airlines using Amadeus Revenue Integrity have testified to a reduction of no-shows from 13% to 4% within days of starting to use the solution.

Notes to the editors:
A world-leading technology and distribution solutions provider, Amadeus delivers unparalleled expertise to the travel and tourism industry, including leading-edge solutions that cover airlines’ unique business needs, independent of their size, business model or market reach.

Amadeus’ pioneering new-generation Customer Management Solution (CMS) portfolio, Amadeus Altéa CMS, serves network and regional carriers. The Altéa portfolio, based on a pioneering community platform concept, enables improved operational efficiency and increases revenue. The portfolio consists of the Altéa Reservation (Sell), Altéa Inventory (Plan) and Altéa Departure Control (Fly) solutions.

Low Cost Carriers have alternative Customer Management Solutions - Pioneer CMS and Results CMS by Amadeus - based on adaptive technology that provides robust options that easily adjust to their evolving operational requirements.

Further complimenting these integrated IT solutions is the Amadeus e-Travel Airline Suite that includes the Amadeus e-Retail engine, which powers more than 120 websites of over 60 airlines.

Other standalone IT solutions include: revenue integrity and automatic ticket reissue tools, in addition to full e-ticket interlining and ground-handling management technology services.

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