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Amadeus makes it easier to fly business with Ryanair

Candice Vallantin

Senior Executive Corporate Communications

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Travel agents can now book Ryanair’s Business Plus Fare through the Amadeus system.

When your sales manager books a flight out of London to pitch a new client in Rome, she’s looking for a carrier that understands her needs as a business traveller. As Maria travels frequently, what she needs to make her journey as smooth and comfortable as possible is a premium seat in the aircraft, speedy boarding and priority access through security checks. She would probably appreciate flexible ticket changes and a free checked-in bag as well.

What’s included in Ryanair’s Business Plus Fare?

One free 20Kg checked-in bag
Free airport check in
A premium seat with extra legroom or a speedy exit (subject to availability)
Free Priority boarding
Free priority access to security checks (only airports supporting this service)
Flexible ticket changes without fees

Ryanair wants business travellers like Maria on their flights. That’s why they’ve introduced their Business Plus Fare in the travel agency channel. Travel agents can now book flights that automatically include all the services above without any additional surcharge. The Business Plus Fare is available to travel agents through Amadeus. 
 “Business travellers have enough to think about when they are travelling. Our goal is to make the entire booking process and flight easier and more enjoyable, so that our business passengers can focus on what matters most to them—their business,” says Tim Howe Schroeder, Head of Corporate Sales at Ryanair. 
 “At Amadeus, we are always focused on improving the travel experience. One of the ways we do this is to provide technology that helps airlines like Ryanair create more relevant and targeted offers for their travellers. We also have the largest travel agency network in the world; no other GDS can offer as much exposure to business clients as we do,” says Decius Valmorbida, Vice President of Distribution Marketing at Amadeus. 
Approximately 67% of business and first class bookings are done through an indirect channel, and Amadeus is the only GDS with Light Ticketing technology that allows travel agents to book flights with low-cost (LCC) and hybrid carriers in the same way as they do with full-service carriers.
In the first three quarters of 2015, Amadeus saw a 16.3% increase in total bookings on LCCs by travel agencies, compared to the same period last year. Today, more than 80 LCC and hybrid carriers distribute their fares to travel agencies through Amadeus.



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