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Amadeus is developing a network of partnerships in the CIS thanks to a new project in Tajikistan

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Amadeus announced its cooperation with ABC GH, the main ground handling operator of Khujand International Airport, Tajikistan. As part of the agreement, ABC GH has gained access to Amadeus Altéa Departure Control for Ground Handlers and will be able to take advantage of Amadeus’ technology, expanding its cooperation with airlines and airports.

Previously, ABC GH used management systems provided by the airport. In order to guarantee high quality of service, autonomy and business expansion, the company decided to switch to the Amadeus system. As Amadeus Altéa Departure Control users among ground handling companies note, the system reduces costs by 20% due to the optimization of interaction with the airport and airlines and provides high efficiency. The agreement between Amadeus and ABC GH was signed in November 2018, and the transition to the Altea system was completed in the summer of 2019.

 "We are pleased that we have a new partner in Tajikistan, ABC GH. Amadeus systems enable ground handling companies to increase their functionality and presence at airports, provide quality services, and a single format eliminates the need to train staff for each airline's system," said Yannick Beunardeau, Vice President Airport IT, EMEA, Amadeus.

The Amadeus Altéa Departure Control for Ground Handlers combines two components - Customer Management - to support the front office, check-in and boarding procedures, and Flight Management - to handle requests related to luggage, loading and servicing of aircraft. More than 130 airlines are connected to the Altéa system, and their number increases every year. Thanks to this system, ground handling operators have direct access to flight schedules, inventory databases, passenger data and business regulations of airlines, who often prefer partners already connected to Altéa.

 "Working on the basis of Altéa allowed us to optimize the interaction with our partners at the airport, as well as improving the efficiency and quality of customer service. We hope that our success will allow us to further attract new partners among airlines and airports and expand our presence in the CIS region", - said Zarifbek Davlatov, General Director of ABC GH.

ABC GH entered the Tajik market in 2018 and is today the main operator of ground handling at Khujand International Airport. In a year and a half, the volume of passenger traffic served increased to 500,000 people per year. Thanks to its investments in IT-systems and the partnership with Amadeus, ABC GH plans to further expand its market share.