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Amadeus for Developers offers Artificial Intelligence APIs to stimulate next wave of travel tech innovation

Bertrand Cognard

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In an industry first, Amadeus makes ready-to-use, AI-driven insights and functionality available to innovators and developers, helping them create exciting new travel solutions

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. AI systems are set to provide a $14 trillion boost to the global economy by 2035. In the travel industry, this technology has the potential to produce $400 billion of value, more than double the value achievable through traditional analytical methods. In today’s fourth industrial revolution economy, AI is becoming indispensable for travel players to better understand and inspire travelers, create tailored experiences and compete for more savvy, demanding customers as they move between devices and channels.

To this end, Amadeus is empowering startups, independent developers and emerging businesses to gain an edge  by launching a new set of AI Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as part of the Amadeus for Developers program. These APIs will allow developers to build solutions that can predict travel intent, traveler behavior, and flight delays, amongst others - without needing any prior background in AI or data.

This is the first time in the travel industry that AI capabilities are made available to startups and independent developers via open APIs.  Amadeus is providing ready-to-implement predictive models based on valuable insights and functionalities fed by Amadeus’ vast sources of travel data.

These APIs enable travel innovators to create exciting AI-based apps with brand new features and disruptive business models that can transform the travel experience. The insights are offered under Amadeus’ Self-Service API catalog for partners, and any developer can start testing the APIs in less than three minutes. 

Early adopters already demonstrated the value of these AI APIs at Amadeus’ hackathon in London on 9-10 November 2019. The hackathon showcased experimental uses of the APIs which include a ‘buddy’ app to reduce travel stress, and solutions to help travelers find activities to do at their destination and during flight layovers.

“At Amadeus, we constantly look for opportunities to take friction out of travel. That’s why we’re very excited to make these groundbreaking AI-driven insights and tools available to the travel industry for the first time. They will empower innovators to create amazing applications thanks to the power of AI and simplify the traveler's journey” said Stefan Ropers, President, Strategic Growth Businesses, Amadeus.

Fran Romero, Head of Open Innovation Programs at Amadeus, adds; “As our recent hackathon demonstrated, once you empower innovators with the tools, they can create incredible applications. AI-based technology is going to transform the way we receive offers, how we customize trips, our airport experience, and much more. Yet while travel brands are seeing vast operational improvements, more personalized experiences and increased customer engagement with AI, for startups and smaller innovators in the travel space it’s harder to access historical data to train their models. With Amadeus Artificial Intelligence APIs, we’re changing that. We’re democratizing AI in travel.”

Amadeus’ AI APIs builds on a strong collaborative legacy. Amadeus launched its Amadeus for Developers program in November 2018 to foster collaboration across the community of developers. This open innovation program enables any developer and startup to connect to Amadeus APIs within minutes to build their own products and services.

“We believe in a future in which AI capabilities are accessible to everyone - where every startup and innovator can take their ideas to the next level by easily implementing machine learning models into their travel applications,” Romero added. “Thousands of new ideas have already been built thanks to Amadeus for Developers, and with Amadeus Artificial Intelligence APIs we can expect to see many more incredible innovations in the travel space.”

The AI APIs are accessible to any developer on Amadeus for Developers supported by documentation, code samples, guides and more. Amadeus will continue to roll out new AI APIs in the future, and the initial round includes the following APIs:

  • Flight Choice Prediction API: This API uses predictive machine learning models to analyze flight search results and assign each flight a probability of being chosen by the user
  • Trip Purpose API: Understanding traveler intent – for example, are they traveling for business or pleasure – is the first step to creating a truly customized experience
  • Flight Delay Prediction API: Being able to predict the likelihood of delays in advance helps travelers manage their experience, reducing the stress of flying from A to B
  • Airport On-Time Performance API: On-time performance is one of the most important metrics for airports and helps travelers. This API uses a machine learning model trained on Amadeus’ historical data to estimate a percentage of on-time flight departures for a given airport and date
  • AI-Generated Photos API: This API solves the issue of photo sourcing by enabling travel companies to access inspirational, AI-generated images free of copyright

For more information, visit https://developers.amadeus.com/ or follow @Amadeus4Dev on Twitter.


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