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Amadeus Altéa NDC and Anytime Merchandising adopted by Singapore Airlines to enhance distribution strategy

Laura Cobbold

Corporate Communications

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Singapore Airlines and Amadeus are working together to enhance retailing capabilities through Amadeus’ NDC-X program

Bringing the promise of New Distribution Capability (NDC) to life requires a transversal approach across an airline’s systems, including merchandising, personalization and revenue management, in order to generate offers that add new value.

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has integrated Amadeus Altéa NDC and Amadeus Anytime Merchandising (AAM), to accelerate digital transformation and enhance its retailing capabilities, in working towards a differentiated experience for its travelers. Thanks to these solutions, the airline will be able to reach its customers with the right offer at any time, on any device, through any channel.

These solutions have been in implementation since June 2018, and SIA has been part of Amadeus’ NDC-X program since coming on board with Altéa NDC in 2017.

Singapore Airlines Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, Campbell Wilson commented: “We are pleased to partner with Amadeus in deploying Amadeus Anytime Merchandising (AAM). One of the many components powering our personalization capability, AAM allows the application of business rules and artificial intelligence to customize airfares and optional extras based on persona and context. Together with the Amadeus NDC-X program, in which Singapore Airlines has been an active partner, AAM is a key pillar in our strategy to make our offers more relevant, and our value more apparent, across all our customer touchpoints.”

Amadeus Altéa NDC is a full Offer and Order Management solution, based on end-to-end NDC shopping, booking and servicing flows. It enables airlines to distribute and service their offers to third parties, with consistency between direct and indirect channels.

Amadeus Anytime Merchandising allows airlines to boost revenue by creating relevant and personalized travel offers, comprising air and non-air content such as hotel, car rentals and insurance. They can then present these offers to travelers across direct and indirect channel touchpoints – with the latter leveraging on the NDC capabilities.

The Amadeus Altéa NDC and AAM solutions will be fully integrated with the existing Altéa  suite. By bringing these technologies together, the airline is adopting a truly customer-centric approach and will be able to have full control over its offers across all channels.

Cyril Tetaz, EVP, Airlines, Asia Pacific, Amadeus says: “Amadeus’ NDC-X program is bringing omnichannel, scalable and efficient solutions to the industry. We are thrilled that Singapore Airlines has now completed its integration of Amadeus Altéa NDC and Amadeus Anytime Merchandising. Through this partnership we can work together to ensure Singapore Airlines has all the systems in place from a full offer management perspective. This will truly transform the way offers are created, sold and serviced across channels, so that the airline can continue to pioneer in the area of customer-centric retailing and merchandising.”

Amadeus’ NDC-X program  brings all NDC activities together under one roof, both as an aggregator and as an IT provider. Amadeus is actively working on integrating NDC content into the Amadeus Travel Platform  so travel sellers around the world can access NDC content alongside other content, and serve travellers simply, quickly and accurately.


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