What to expect during the unexpected

Amadeus IT Group

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Disruptions are costly for Business Travel Agencies and Travel Management Companies. They are costly for the travel industry as a whole.

Disruptions cost the travel industry a lot. An estimated $60 billion annually to be exact. This amounts to some 8% of global industry revenues annually. But more than just costing a lot, disruptions can be threatening to the wellbeing of travelers. Travel Management Companies (TMCs) need to have a duty of care strategy to provide a safe and secure travel environment. This is not only a legal requirement in many markets, it is also a moral responsibility.

TMCs strong suit

TMCs have access to travelers at every stage of their journey and know both their travelers’ profile and corporate travel policies.  Check out what Renaud Nicolle, Head of Specialty & Networks at Amadeus as he takes us on the disruptive journey for TMCs and business travelers!

How Raptim is stepping up their game

For managed travel, travel disruptions account for a loss of valuable time and productivity for travelers, and probably also missed opportunity and business for the company. For example, humanitarian travellers often travel to remote places where they do not have access to any means of communication other than their mobile phone. Being able to communicate with their Travel Management Company at any given time ensures they can fully concentrate on their mission. Discover Raptim’s CEO Bart Kruijsen as he guides us through how Raptim is facing head on the challenges of disruption!