Case study

West East Travel: True Stories of Transformation

Are you mobile ready? Learn how a travel agent was able to respond to the browsing habits of his customers, and deliver a new platform to boost sales through a mobile app.

"M-Power allows us to be there for our customers and connect more personally to them at every stage of their journey" - Kevin Huynh, West East Travel

The opportunity

Kevin Huynh of South East Asian specialist West East Travel was quick to observe we truly live in a mobile first world today. After noticing that the majority of customers were browsing his offers mainly through their smartphones, he recognised the opportunity and set about getting the agency’s own branded app live in the app store as quickly as possible.

Kevin is no stranger to technology, but managing the development of a travel app from scratch would be a leap into the unknown even for him. It could cost the business dearly financially as well as distract him from equally important management tasks – not to mention the need for highly specialist technical knowledge. So Kevin narrowed his search to his existing IT partnerships.

The solution

The white label Amadeus m-Power app has allowed Kevin to improve loyalty and stay connected to his customers at every stage of their journey; to communicate special offers to inspire them, search and book flights, hotels and ground arrangements, push itineraries to their handsets and much, much more. Today traveller’s want to access travel services across devices anytime, anywhere. 3 out of 4 UK travellers now own at least 3 screens (laptop, smartphone and tablet) and an increasing share of online bookings are done using a mobile. 25% of Europeans have now made a travel booking on their smart phones and that figure is quickly set to double.

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