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Thalys sells rail on a combined Air-Rail Display

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Thalys is a high speed train operator, moving nearly 7 million passengers throughout Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands. The on-board services makes Thalys popular for both business and leisure travellers.

Reducing overheads and increasing efficiency

In order to compete and collaborate with airlines but also to gain market share on competitive routes, it was essential for Thalys to be more visible and easily accessible to business travellers and recognized as a convenient and viable alternative for leisure travellers.

The Solution:

Amadeus Air-Rail Display enables a like-for-like comparison of the available rail and air inventory and fares options for selected routes. The rail offer is fully integrated into the air display on the Amadeus Selling Platform, meaning travel agents can quickly and easily compare rail and air or combine train travel with a flight or hotel as part of a multimodal journey.

Sheherazade Zekri, CCO at Thalys explains what it takes to operate cross-border trains.

The Results:

Only 14 months after the project started, Air-Rail Display went live with all German travel agencies, showcasing Thalys’ entire offer, helping to fulfil its objectives: to compete with and to complement the German air market and make its full offer available across all channels.

The potentially lost revenue was recovered and total booking target was exceeded by 13%.

Check out this video [5 min]: Sheherazade Zekri, Chief Commercial Officer at Thalys explains what it takes to operate cross-border trains and why it makes sense for Thalys to be sold alongside airlines using Amadeus Air-Rail Display.

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