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Star alliance and London Heathrow Terminal 2 case study

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Learn about how Heathrow's implemented common use approach for their Star Alliance passengers at terminal 2 has helped create a more efficient service and a better experience for customers.

In June 2014 Heathrow’s new T2, the Queen’s Terminal, was inaugurated.

Heathrow’s Terminal 2 houses 23 Star Alliance carriers, and uses a common use approach to ensure a seamless and more efficient airport experience for all passengers. Any passenger can use any self-service kiosk and any bag drop touch point in one of the four check-in zones, regardless of which airline they’re flying with. This helps cut down on long queues, speeding up the pre-departure experience.

Bringing to life this innovative service model involved many different companies and teams, working closely to align processes, policies and solutions. Some of the key players of this huge project of collaboration speak in this video, telling the story of how common use technology has helped achieve a seamless passenger experience for the Star Alliance passengers at London Heathrow T2.

A group of airlines have come together under one roof to work in a truly common way, using common use technology.


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