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OACIS revolutionizes off-airport check-in with Amadeus ACUS

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What if check-in and bag-drop could be mobile, able to ‘pop-up’ anywhere on or off airport?

Check-in and bag drop. Who actually enjoys that part of the journey? The queuing, waiting, dragging luggage all the way to the airport. Now imagine not having to stand in a check-in queue.

Even better, imagine not having to carry your bags at all. Imagine a stress-free trip to the airport with more time to eat, shop and relax before taking your flight.

In 2017, OACIS (Off Airport Check In Solutions) using Amadeus ACUS mobile introduced an innovative service which transforms the airport experience by moving check-in and bag drop to convenient ‘pop-up’ locations, outside the airport. Find out how they did it.

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