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How Sembo reduced time spent on airline changes by 70%

Steve Watson

Aviation Product Manager, Sembo

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Every company talks about listening to its customers. But not every business ACTS on its customer feedback. Amadeus listened to us, added further automation to the Touchless solution and today Sembo spends 70% less time on tedious manual airline ticket changes.

I remember the day I had a very relaxed conversation with our fantastic account manager Malin Wesström when she came to visit our office in Mallorca. Talking about our different processes, I mentioned how great it would be if Amadeus could enhance the automation within its Touchless solution so that we wouldn’t have to manually handle airline schedule changes.

From idea to implementation

Well, you never think these ideas will go anywhere … but I was totally wrong! Just a few months later at our next meeting, Malin told me that Amadeus had taken our suggestions on board and decided to take this project to the next level. And so, the Amadeus Schedule Change Update solution was born.

We grabbed the opportunity to be an early adopter for the new solution – and what a seamless process this was from beginning to end. We implemented the product within a set project plan with full support from the Amadeus team. 

Going the extra mile

Also in typical Amadeus-style, the new solution goes one step further. It has a new slim-lined user interface so any changes that require manual intervention, are organized into different categories and placed in dedicated folders. Having better visibility of these cases means that manual changes can be handled more efficiently.

Another new feature – extremely useful for our business – is the statistics which the solution creates so you can share data with your colleagues.

Right tools, bright future

Working for a major international Online Travel Agency (OTA), seamless processes and optimized automation is key to our daily operations. It enables us to keep our customers up to date, ready and prepared for their trip.

Historically – as we all know – many of these processes had to be done manually. This takes time and, of course, costs money. Working for a fast-paced OTA we know we can use our time more efficiently if we have the right tools.

Manual work cut by 70%

The results, so far, from implementing the Schedule Change Update, are proving extremely positive, from a time and money-saving perspective. We’ve seen our manual work cut by 70%. Meaning we can better use this time for more forward thinking and innovative projects, analyzing how we move our business to the next level in automation.

I was extremely happy to be part of this journey with Amadeus and I can see this solution going from strength to strength and adapting along with business needs and growth.

About the author

Steve works as Aviation Product Manager for Sembo, part of the Stena Line Travel Group, and is based on Mallorca: “I have worked within the travel industry for over 17 years, covering different aspects of travel, from airlines, loyalty, high street travel agency to Online Travel. So, yes: I am addicted to this industry! Part of my role is to understand, develop and evolve new ways of working together with our partners so that we can reach our mutual goals. Amadeus is one of our key partners – and we’re very happy to have a proactive and approachable account team!”