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Collaboration with MongoDB

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From back-office airline accounting platforms right through to consumer facing, mission critical search apps, there are now more than a dozen applications that rely on MongoDB, the fastest growing database on the planet. MongoDB gives Amadeus the flexibility to accelerate time to value and handle data of any structure, at any scale, for the industry's most demanding travel companies. As a central part of its digital initiatives, the organisation has become one of the most advanced users of MongoDB in the world.

Amadeus’s infrastructure team has been increasing its use of MongoDB as the database powering the latest generation of its feature-rich travel applications.

Amadeus’ Instant Search technology, most recently adopted by Kayak, the world’s leading travel search engine, is a key application that has been developed on MongoDB Enterprise Advanced, with the operations team using MongoDB Ops Manager to monitor and manage the database. Proactive alerts generated from monitoring telemetry helps ensure any potential performance bottlenecks or issues are spotted well before they affect customers.

To scale effectively Amadeus has distributed the database across multiple shards, the practice of breaking the database deployment into smaller more manageable parts. Using WiredTiger storage engine the team has also managed to compress storage by 80%, leading to significant cost reductions and performance improvements.

For many of its other MongoDB projects, Amadeus has also worked closely with MongoDB’s consulting services team. Amadeus has been using MongoDB in such a range of complex and industry-leading projects that the company has become one of the most sophisticated users of non-relational technologies, even winning MongoDB’s coveted Innovation Award in 2015. Many best practices, and some features, have been created in concert with Amadeus staff.

Aside from Instant Search, Amadeus is also relying on MongoDB to build applications such as an accounting data warehouse that can power real-time analytics for airlines on their revenue and accounting practices. 

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