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Binter: cut PCI compliance costs with Amadeus

Foreword by Celia Pereiro

Amadeus Travel Payments

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As more and more of our business and personal lives are conducted online, the risks of account takeover or identity theft are ever greater. This creates very real cost for companies: according to data from the Payment Cards Industry Security Standards Council, a cyber attack costs the victim company an average of 2.6 million dollars. It also creates an opportunity: At Amadeus we believe that information security should be seen by the travel industry as a lever for revenue growth.

Learn how Amadeus helped Binter cut PCI costs and become fully compliant.

Every day, airlines receive Travel Agency sales data containing credit card details. All the IT systems that touch this data need to comply with the strict Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). With increasing pressure on airlines from credit card schemes to reach compliance,, Binter needed to take action, and we were there to help. Download the case study below and discover how Amadeus helped Binter reach compliance and avoid hefty fines in the process.


“Amadeus Travel Payments’ tokenization service keeps our customer data safe and our information systems fully PCI DSS compliant, while allowing us to maintain our IT infrastructure the way we want. There are 3rd parties that offer similar solutions, but Amadeus knows our infrastructure, which meant we were able to identify the many credit card data touchpoints quickly and exhaustively.”

- Hector Reboso, IT Systems Director, Binter

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