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Four automation solutions that will change your business

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If your travel agency handles more than 175,000 PNRs per year, you could save over 3,700 hours of boring manual work and one million Swedish kronor in costs. Here are four automated solutions that can help you achieve these savings – and free up time to focus on growing your business!

Automation. Automation. Automation. This has been high on the agenda for most companies for the past ten years, especially in Scandinavia – a region renowned for being a pioneer and early adopter of new technology. But, also a part of the world where manual labor is expensive and scarce.

At Amadeus, the automation journey started back in 2007 with the launch of its automated ticketing solution, and Amadeus Schedule Change one year later. But, since then, thousands of automated solutions have appeared on the market, all promising amazing benefits and experiences for users. Confusing, right?

“The challenge, or luxury, we face today is that there are so many automated solutions on the market. How do we know which ones will really make a difference and how do we invest smartly?” says Tomas Eisner, Portfolio Manager, Automation and Payment, at Amadeus.

Tomas Eisner

Tomas Eisner, Portfolio Manager, Automation and Payment, at Amadeus.

“Let me share four solutions with you which I believe will really help you to save time and money. They have been on the market for some time but over the years we have added new features based on user feedback.”

1. Automated Ticketing

More than ten years ago, Amadeus launched its automated ticketing solution which is used by 80% of all customers in Scandinavia today. The solution is a no-brainer; not only does it relieve staff from manually creating tickets, it has also improved the quality of the ticketing process, removing manual errors. 

"The solution automates almost 100% of all air bookings and saves at least two minutes per issued ticket". 

In 2015, Amadeus launched an addition to automated ticketing -Touchless Ticketing– which is currently being used by 30 travel agencies in Scandinavia. This is an automated web-based solution which scans all PNRs to make sure all information is complete and correct to issue the ticket.

The solution automates almost 100% of all air bookings and saves at least two minutes per issued ticket.

2. Schedule Changes

Managing flight changes is never a favorite task of travel agents because it takes time and they don’t earn a penny for it. That’s why it makes sense to hand this task over to an automated solution.

Out of all schedule changes, only 10-15% need to be manually handled by a travel agent; the solution can take care of the remaining 85-90%. Amadeus Schedule Change Update is integrated in the booking process to make updates smooth and effortless.

Learn about online travel agency Sembo's results when using the Schedule Change Update solution.

3. Queue Management 

Each year, travel agents receive thousands of messages from airlines, hotels etc. but up to 90% of these messages are irrelevant. For example, if you are a travel agent with 100,000 bookings per year, you might receive 150,000 messages. On average, it takes 15-20 seconds to consider if the message is relevant or not for you.

Amadeus Queue Management is a robot which sorts all these messages and leaves you to deal with the 10% which are important and need to be manually handled. The relevance of the messages is determined by the rules you create in your settings; the relevant messages are placed in a manual queue for handling.

4. Fare optimization

Thirty years ago, airlines had one winter fare and one summer fare. Today, airfares can sometimes change up to twenty times a day.

Amadeus’ fare optimization solution – Amadeus Touchless Price Optimizer – is integrated with the Amadeus Ticketing Solution. Basically, it automates the time consuming search for a better price, giving travel agents the option to find a cheaper price before the ticket is issued.

Where will this journey lead?

Tomas Eisner believes the travel industry has just touched the tip of the iceberg on the automation journey. “I think the New Distribution Capability (NDC) changes will bring a bigger need for robotics which can find the optimal trip for customers.”

“Time is money,” he adds. “But, there are two camps to efficiency – on one side you have people who are change resistant, believing automation will take their jobs, and on the other you have those who are open to improvements and working more efficiently. The travel industry is no exception to this.”