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Amadeus Seats and Services Catalogue

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The graphical Amadeus Ancillary Services catalogue and seat map has been thoroughly revamped and now offers a whole new look with greatly improved functionality.

Catalogue and seat map at a glance

Previously, you had to enter the catalogue and the seat map one after the other. Now you will see them in a combined display. When you pull up the seat map for a particular segment, it is displayed alongside the catalogue, letting you know during the seat reservation process whether you can offer your customer additional ancillary services on the flights booked: 

seat map

You can also continue to use FXK to pull up the catalogue, from which you will have direct access to the seat maps for the booked flight segments. With the new seat map, it is faster for you to find out how much a seat costs. You no longer have to select the seat. Now, when you hover over the seat, it brings up a context menu with all the relevant information, including price per passenger, legroom and other details. If the airline offers reduced rates for particular groups, such as frequent flyers, these are also displayed in the mouseover:

seat map

The seat maps are automatically loaded for all booked segments and no longer need to be pulled up one by one. 

Multiple seats, few clicks

Booking seats for multiple passengers is now much quicker. You can book seats for all passengers by double-clicking on the seat map; adjacent seats are selected automatically. After you have made your selections, the seat map for the next flight comes up, allowing you to book seats for all passengers and flights with a limited number of clicks:

seat map

Save time booking services

With the new Seats and Services catalogue, you can see at a glance which services you can offer the customer for his or her flights, and whether they come with a fee. You can also request services for multiple passengers at the same time – previously, you had to do this for each individual passenger, so this will save you valuable time.

The new Seats and Services catalogue includes all relevant information for each available service: name, SSR code, availability and price per passenger, including any discounts that may apply on account of the customer’s frequent flyer status or passenger type. Having a service’s specific availability at hand keeps you from running the risk of offering a service to a customer only to find out later that it is not available:

seat map

Enhanced text entry functionality

Another simplification is in the entry of the free text information that airlines require for booking some ancillary services (e.g. luggage weight and dimensions). Now, you only need to complete the variable items; statistical information is filled in automatically. This function is available for the services of all airlines that provide formatting guidelines to Amadeus:

seat map
seat map

Services available also for Light Ticketing carriers

You can now find ancillary services from light-ticketing carriers like easyJet, and Eurowings in the graphical catalogue as well. One thing to note here is that for technical reasons, the individual services are not arranged by categories but are instead displayed under section “Other”:

seat map

When can I start using the new Amadeus Seats and Services Catalogue?

In order to start using the new Seats and Services catalogue, you need to have the latest release of Selling Platform (7.2P604) implemented. 


New “Book & Price” function

With the new “Book & Price” function (FWK), you can book one or more services with a single command and simultaneously generate the pricing records (TSMP). That saves you from having to manually enter the SSR element and the subsequent pricing step with FXG. You simply need to enter the command FWK and the sequence number for the service from the cryptic ancillary services catalogue. The proper format is determined according to the airline filing. This function is available for all flight-based services (marked as F in column “C”), except upgrades and seat reservations, as well as for merchandise services (M in column “C”).

You have various options for booking and pricing with FWK, including simultaneously booking multiple services (example: enter FWK 3*4 to book services with sequent numbers 3 and 4) or entering free text (example: FWK4-TTL 10KG 1PC DIM 125X75X85CM).



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