You have a trip coming up? We have just the right transfer for you!

Lourdes Alcalde

Head of Online Strategy, Mobility and Insurance

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The average mobile user spends around 43 days per year in apps, according to App Annie. With so much time dedicated to their mobiles, travelers are looking for quick, easy and accessible content.

At Amadeus, the traveler is at the heart of our approach, which is why we are continuously working on innovative solutions that make travelers’ lives easier. To do so, it is important to provide them with relevant offers at every step of their travel app experience.

Now, thanks to the integration in CheckMyTrip with our multi provider transfer solution, which covers over 1,000 destinations in 142 markets, door-to-door trip planning just got a whole lot easier.

Travelers who have stored their flight or hotel information in CheckMyTrip, will automatically receive trusted recommendations to book a transfer, in accordance with legislation and the traveler’s preferences. The integration of the passenger’s details within our itinerary management app enhances the user experience by pre-filling traveler information. It also minimizes the amount of information that needs to be provided in recurring booking processes and offers user-tailored content through relevant push notifications. This means our travel application offers the right transfer, at the chosen destination, at the best price, amongst our provider’s content.

The increased number of touchpoints within the CheckMyTrip app brings more traffic to the booking flow by pushing the most relevant transfer option through recommendation banners and push notifications. For example, users will be prompted with the message: “We see you haven’t booked a transfer from your airport to hotel – would you like to?”

Since we implemented these two additional touchpoints, the booking results have been on the rise.

After testing the latest enhancements within CheckMyTrip, it confirmed three things:

Get personal with your travelers

Earlier this year in February, we started to display banners with the personalized offer based on upcoming trips our users had in their itinerary. In just four months, we quadrupled the number of transfer bookings within CheckMyTrip. Through our initial testing with CheckMyTrip users, we confirmed that the key to our users’ hearts is delivering travel content tailored specifically to their needs and choices – sending targeted and personalized push notifications about transfer options at the right moment led to opening rates of 41%, which far surpasses the industry average of 29%.

Mobile is the king of booking channels                                        

CheckMyTrip allowed us to establish mobile as the number one cross-sell conversion channel, where we observed the share of transfer bookings via our mobile app exceeded the share of bookings on desktop and tablet combined (67% vs 33%). Not only that, but we also saw the share of mobile bookings grow by 12% in the five months we displayed transfer banners.

We are creating better journeys for travelers around the world

We increased user engagement and loyalty by optimizing the booking process on mobile devices through highly personalized mobile capabilities with a visually appealing design. CheckMyTrip users can browse through a great array of transfer options, choosing between a multitude of selected providers - from global multinationals as well as local and regional providers. Transfer content is also available in other Amadeus solutions, including Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense, our flagship corporate booking and expense management solution.    

Have a look at the Amadeus transfers map and choose from over 1,000 destinations and 142 markets around the world. In addition to adding more travel content, Amadeus is also collaborating with companies around the world to deliver best in class travel apps vis the Amadeus Mobile COLLECTIVE