What a difference a year makes in the travel industry

Ludo Verheggen

Director of Global Air Content Adoption Strategy, Travel Channels, Amadeus

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They say that one year for a person is equivalent to about seven for a dog. I think the way time passes in the travel industry is very similar.

In terms of the innovative technology and changing travel landscape, 2018 was a whirlwind year. That’s why I always take time to do two things at the start of a new one: I look forward to new challenges and I reflect on the events of the past. 

With 50+ new and renewed content agreements, 7 new Altéa carriers in the Amadeus Travel Platform and merchandising content from over 40 new airlines, 2018 was a busy year. But it’s not only about the renewals of existing partnerships between Amadeus and some important travel providers, it’s also about forming new partnerships, such as the one with Routehappy which brings exciting new content to our travel agency customers. 

2018 was also the year when the NDC-X program came to life. Dedicated to driving industrialization of NDC and ensuring it works for all travel players, our NDC-X program has already seen numerous airlines and travel sellers joining. 

Looking ahead, this year will be a pivotal year for our NDC-X program with NDC content being made available in both our Web Services and Selling Platform Connect solutions. 

We will continue to work throughout the year to increase the merchandizing content available in the Amadeus Travel Platform, responding to the increasing demand for personalization, and ensuring that travel sellers have the right content to create amazing travel experiences.

And we will work to bring agencies the broadest range of travel content all in one place - including air, accommodation, rail, mobility, insurance and destination, so that travel agencies can create unique journeys for their travelers, provide the best service at all times, and enhance their profitability. 

With these objectives in mind, 2019 is sure to be an exciting one for all of us in the travel industry.

Check out this infographic to find the travel content highlights of 2018 and see how our mission to build a Live Travel Space and create better journeys is coming to life.

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