What is it like working in a truly global organization?

Amadeus is present in over 190 countries and in each office, development site or research center, we promote a culture of respect, openness and passion for our work. From Asia through Europe, from Africa to the Americas, we are present as one entity, one truly international, global company.

We not only ensure the creation of better journeys for travelers across the world, but also for our Amadeus employees in their careers. Working at Amadeus can take you anywhere – not just to one of the global locations we’re in, but also across the different functional areas of our businesses. 

So what does being global really mean? For us, it brings all the benefits of being global in reach, in diversity and a connection with over 17,000 colleagues. 

It gives us the opportunity to align our careers with opportunities to grow professionally.  It gives us an opportunity to broaden our perspectives and experiences, enhancing our professional capabilities and bringing value to the business. We are at home everywhere within Amadeus, where our values unite us, and we always feel at home and able to give our best, regardless of which Amadeus location we find ourselves in.

In Amadeus we promote career development through real experiences, notably through mobility, always first looking at internal candidates when opportunities become available and providing strong relocation support to those who move.  We thus develop our professionals through on-the-job assignments, collaboration in global projects or participation in cross-functional workstream activities, regardless of where in the world of Amadeus this needs to happen.

We have many unique stories of such lives in Amadeus.  Two employees shared their personal story of working at Amadeus and how their careers have taken them from Nice (France), to Singapore, to Dallas (USA). As Sandra and Pierre explain in their video, they are part of a truly global organization and a truly global family:  “French Dad, Mexican Mom, the kids were born in Singapore and we’re living in the US – we’re a global family and so is Amadeus”. 

Watch the video below and if you’re interested in a career with Amadeus, find out more here. 


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