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With options like these, who needs ridesharing?

Vjaceslavs Kusteiko

Solutions Manager, Hotels, Mobility & Insurance - Amadeus

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Picture this scenario. A couple is flying from Toronto to Miami tomorrow. Not keen on ridesharing, they prefer a chauffeur-driven car from the airport to the hotel. The next day, they’ve requested a private jet to whisk them off on a Key West getaway. Once in paradise, they’ll need a dedicated driver for a full day of sightseeing. As their trusted travel professional, they’re counting on you to arrange everything, so they don’t have to.

Sound complicated? Or maybe you’re thinking, “My time is money. My client has a budget! Is this really worth the effort I must put in?” Thankfully, you and your travelers’ affordable ground transportation options have just multiplied exponentially with Amadeus Transfers, a service that’s newly launching in the US and Canada today.

More options, peace of mind

Over the past decade, the rise in peer-to-peer ridesharing has completely disrupted traditional ground transportation models like taxis and shuttles. Although ridesharing offers viable and cost-effective options, many business and leisure travelers shy away for safety, security and other reasons. In fact, research shows that travelers say one of the most stressful parts of trip planning is choosing the right ground transportation option at destination.

As part of our commitment to support all travel players in the Live Travel Space, Amadeus Transfers provides access to more than 5,000 providers around the world, offering an extensive array of options including chauffeur-driven taxis, limos, shuttles, private jets – and even boats and ferries coming soon! Thanks to Amadeus’ rate parity commitment, we honor the same rates and conditions you’ve already negotiated with other providers.

Drive more sales with Amadeus Transfers

Another reason to get on board is, every provider can be found in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, your one-stop shop for searching and booking the global ground content your travelers require. Why waste time switching back and forth between platforms when everything – that is, your traveler’s PNR – is stored in Amadeus, saving you time and ensuring their data is safe, secure and accurate?

Lastly, Amadeus Transfers bookings are commissionable, the ultimate reward for putting your travelers’ peace of mind first. So back to your Toronto couple flying to Miami tomorrow. Is it truly worth your time and effort to book their cars and jets with Amadeus Transfers?  The answer is a resounding yes! With 5,000 options to choose from, you can start booking taxis, limos, shuttles and private planes starting today.

Start booking today!

Amadeus Transfers is an excellent solution for small-to-medium-size retail travel agencies, consolidators, tour operators, networks and online startups looking to sell more ground transportation options through our one-stop search platform. For more information, visit Amadeus.com or contact your Amadeus representative. All others may call 1-888-AMADEUS (US), 1-888-611-5554 (Canada), or email salesinquiries@amadeus.com.

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