Why you should care about the tech behind your travel program

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As someone involved in corporate travel, dealing with the movement of your most important resource – your people – do you have a good understanding of all the vendors you are working with?

Arguably, this is more important in some cases than others, but in the case of the IT powering your corporate travel program, there are some clear-cut reasons why it’s essential including: 

  • Your travel IT platform is handling your traveller’s data, and security of that data is paramount 
  • An experienced and innovative technology provider ensures that your travel management platform runs smoothly and can cope with any new business requirements, market trends or traveller demands  
  • It’s often the first touchpoint in their business trip, so has the ability to make or break their travel experience.

The power inside your travel management program 

Amadeus isn’t exactly a household name in the Pacific, but we are the IT provider of choice when it comes to travel management.

I do sometimes make the analogy that we’re like Intel and their familiar ‘Intel Inside’ sticker we have on our computers. Similar, in that we are primarily a B2B company that provides the powerful tech platform working behind the scenes - we are ‘inside’ your travel management program, and have the ability to enhance the travel experience at every stage. 

We are a global leader in the development and implementation of travel technology solutions. Since 2004 we’ve invested more than AUD6.4billion in R&D ensuring our customers, and their travellers, enjoy robust, stable and leading-edge travel technology.  Worldwide, over 11,000 corporations worldwide use our solutions to power their corporate travel programs.  


  1. Amadeus has a 99.99% uptime meaning we deliver a reliable, stable connection to our technology, that won’t drop out just when you need it.  
  2. You need an IT vendor that can effectively protect your traveller’s sensitive, personal data. We have strict security and safety protocols – both virtual and physical – that protect our data and that of our customers.  We hold ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management certification and have maintained our PCI DSS compliance certification since 2009. 
  3. Our heavy investment in R&D means our customers are always ahead of the game. In 2016 we won the RedHat Innovator of the Year Award and late last year launched the Amadeus Innovation program, which I will write more about in the coming weeks.  This program looks at emerging tech, such as Blockchain and messaging platforms, and the impact on the travel sector.

Making the complex, simple 

It’s clear we bring security, reliability and stability to your business travel program. What I haven’t touched on is all the ways we can help optimise it. The role of technology is to make the complex simple, and our innovative approach means we make that happen.  

This year, we bring a game-changing self-booking tool to the Pacific market. It uses smart technology to bring about efficiencies and cost benefits, plus it personalises corporate travel and gives your staff a smooth, simple, travel booking and expense management process.  

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