Why you need the right technology behind your business travel

Ingrid Picard

Managing Director - Corporations, Amadeus

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Corporate travel is the second largest indirect spend for business but most are struggling to unlock a greater return on investment. The key is using the right technology which will not only help your bottom line today, but adapt to your business needs tomorrow.

Many domestic corporate booking tools operate on outdated technology built decades ago and are now out of sync with the heavy demands of today’s ever-changing travel landscape.

As one of the world’s top 15 software companies, Amadeus is launching Amadeus cytric Travel and Expense in Australia, an end-to-end booking solution which will not only keep pace with those changes but set your business up for the future. 

Since 2004, we’ve invested more than $6.4 billion in research and development ensuring our customers, and their travellers, enjoy robust, stable and leading-edge travel technology. Here’s why:

Reliability is key

An essential part any booking tool is reliability. You need to know it’s not going to go down when you need it most. Amadeus cytric Travel and Expense has a yearly average uptime of 99.9%. That compares to 98% and 97% for our major competitors. That may not seem much of a difference but amounts to an average of 7 and 11 days every year they are down. 

Now for even a mid-size company, that can mean as many as 600 bookings a year they have to process offline. That’s tens of thousands of dollars in agency fees and insurance alone, on top of the hours employees spend making the booking.

Backed by the right technology

For any of this to work, you need the backing of the right technology. Your travel program needs to be futureproof, one that can accommodate change quickly. 

While many domestic corporate booking tools operate on outdated technology built decades ago, the Amadeus cytric Travel and Expense system not only translates the complicated way airlines and hotels deliver their content, but gives your business more control and transparency over your travel spend. 

By integrating travel and expense with your HR and finance systems, you can manage it in a more holistic way, not just the cost when it happens, but determining the money spent thanks to more informed sourcing, buying and booking decisions.

Making travel easier

We haven’t developed Amadeus cytric Travel and Expense alone. By collaborating with customers, developers, start-ups, and partners, we understand what the travel industry wants.

We have done this for 30 years and our goal has always been the same. To make travel simpler and stressfree, more rewarding and productive, for the business traveler.

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