Why technology matters: improving the travel experience through innovation


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At Amadeus we believe passionately and wholeheartedly in technology and innovation, it runs through our blood as a travel technology company and is what we believe makes us Brighter, Bolder, Better.

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And so it’s fitting that in this, the final video in the Travel Gold Rush 2020 series, Jim Mann, CIO at international leisure travel company TUI Travel PLC, considers the role technology should play in improving the travel experience from beginning to end.

Covering a wide range of issues, from automated bag drops to personalised security controls and even the future of the passport, Jim states his belief that technology should be used to enhance the user experience and make it easier for us to travel.

Touching on the power of social media and citing Trip Advisor as a case in point, Jim extols the value of personalisation and the importance that individual regional influences play in triggering travel buying decisions from the very onset of the travel experience.

For further information about the Travel Gold Rush 2020 report and the chance to download it for free, click here.


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