Why recognising 'excellence' matters to Amadeus

Thomas Drexler

Director of Rail and Ground Travel, Amadeus IT Group

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With this in mind, we wanted to be able to recognise explicitly those individual Amadeus employees from around the world who have shown particularly impressive levels of performance and innovation in their daily work.

Our people’s performance and continual capacity to innovate is inextricably linked to our success as a business, helping us to stay one step ahead of our competitors. Recently, Amadeus also received the award as the Best IT Company of the year.

To this end we created the 'Amadeus Excellence Awards', and this year, 30 business improvement projects from 11 Amadeus locations around the globe were submitted to a jury of senior business leaders. Of these, 14 project teams were short-listed and invited to a conference held in Cannes, France, on October 25 in order to present their projects, network with peers and of course, to celebrate with the winners at the awards ceremony in the evening.

So why is any of this important?

Well, aside from showing the world how creative, innovative and performance-driven we are (and also clearly how much we enjoy a party) there's a serious point to be made here.

Which is this: as well as effective performance and an appetite for innovation, as a business we also genuinely value and embrace 'excellence'. To us, it's something which we aspire to put at the very heart of absolutely everything we do; whether a project is internal or customer-facing.

Now of course ‘excellence’ in itself will mean different things to different people. But excellence as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary is 'the quality of being outstanding or extremely good'.

And I think that's a pretty strong aspiration for any company to aim for.

To learn more about the Amadeus Excellence Awards, please check out the video below...


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