Who is behind new thinking in the travel industry? Analysis of ideas for travel competition entries


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We recently closed the door on entries to the Amadeus ideas for travel competition, our search for new thinking for the travel and tourism industry worldwide. As we've said before, we are delighted with the response having received 824 ideas in total.


Before our judging panel announces the winning entry, I wanted to look at exactly who has been leading the new thinking and submitting entries to the competition.

The statistics and chart below reveal each type of entry and its share of the ideas submitted.

Industry type and percentage of ideas submitted

  • Traveller - 41%
  • Airline - 5%
  • Travel agency - 36%
  • Hotel industry - 2%
  • Tour operator - 4%
  • Airport - 1%
  • Travel management company - 3%
  • Other travel related company - 8%

Amadeus ideas for travel ideas by job type

As I stated when it first opened, the competition was aimed at giving a voice to anyone taking part in the travel and tourism industry, offering a chance to change the travel industry for the better, and we're delighted to have heard from so many people passionate about our industry.

We're very grateful to all participants who have provided new ideas to help shape a Brighter, Bolder, Better travel experience for tomorrow.

Personally speaking, I'm excited as anyone to know who will win the competition, and thankfully we will find out soon enough!

Gordon Nardini can be found on Twitter at @flufforfact